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A user of Cellfood contacted us and told us that her teenage daughter had a persistent eye infection, and had mistakenly put a few drops of Cellfood directly into her eye. The Cellfood bottle was standing next to the eye-drop bottle, and her daughter had used the wrong bottle.

The girl cried because of the shock and pain of undiluted Cellfood in her eye, but within a few minutes (as her mother was comforting her), the pain went away; and, within a few hours, the eye infection had completely cleared up.

It is good to know that Cellfood will do no harm to the human body, even if put directly into the eye. However, if you have an eye infection, preferably dilute the Cellfood in distilled water, in the proportion of 1 drop of Cellfood to 50 drops (about 2 ml) of distilled water or saline solution (all obtainable from a pharmacy). You can make a weaker or stronger solution, depending on your particular needs.

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