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ince I started CF in 2011 I have been feeling healthier than I ever did before in my life. In the past I usually got flu about 3-4 times every 10 years, now I haven't had flu in the last 9 years. Recently I stopped Cellfood for 3 weeks and got a nasty stomach bug and was sick for 3 days. I immediately got a bottle CF and had 20 drops 4 times that day and the bug disappeared.

I used to have wrist, elbow and lower back pain in the past, but now that is totally gone. I am 50 years old and have much less face wrinkles than friends of the same age.

I used to have bad dreams and nightmares now I don't get them at all. Cellfood keeps my mind positive. I also almost never get a headache but when I do get one, I take 20 drops of Cellfood and it quickly disappears.

I used Cellfood Shape a few times and realized my muscles recovered much faster after a heavy workout or tennis match.

My mother had a hip replacement and although it was a success, she always had little discomfort but since using Cellfood, she has no more problems. She's 75 and most of her friends have some sort of arthritis, but her joints are in perfect order. She also claims to have much less wrinkles for someone her age and she also doesn't get any headaches.

My father had shingles and shortly after was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He used 30 drops, 3 times per day, and the doctors was very surprised at how well he responded to their treatment. He definitely lived longer than the doctors expected and my mother said they were quite baffled but my father didn't mentioned to them about the Cellfood. Sadly cancer got the better of him, but Cellfood definitely stretched his life a few years longer than it would have been without it.

Final thought: If for some reason Cellfood should not be longer available, I can tell you, my life would be miserable.

Thank you.

Lar Hendriks, Valhalla


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