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I had a severe headache for almost three weeks and am always buying and taking tablets but it comes back.

Then yesterday my mother bought CellFood Oxygen Mineral Supplement and I tried it before I went to bed and mucus was coming out like rain through my nose all night and this morning.

Believe me when I say my headache is gone, and my fatigue & stress are history.

I'm feeling fresh again at last and I also introduced it to my workmates.



Patrick Kin: 041-360-8217

“I was introduced to Cellfood after I got very ill in December 2002 by using a well-known brand of insecticide spray. I was trying to get rid of cockroaches without wearing gloves or a mask. I had a severe headache, felt nauseous, dizzy and I was covered in a rash, and blotches appeared over my whole body.

“My sister Eleen on Hing gave me 25 drops of Cellfood and within an hour my headache disappeared. I felt better and went back to my business premises and sprayed again, not realizing that it was the spray that had made me ill. I went back to bed and continued with the Cellfood until I felt well again. When I discussed this with my doctor, he said that I could have ended up with a serious blood condition, but I know that Cellfood was the answer, as it got rid of the toxins in my body.

“My wife Lynita has recently been taking SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Shape) at night and definitely feels more relaxed and rested, and more in control of her life. Running two restaurants and working very hard made her very tired and stressed. She is sleeping better and does not have the ‘bloated feeling’ in the mornings anymore.”



Belinda Savvi: 082-775-3495

“As a child I always suffered from headaches. Not one day went by that I did not experience a headache. I went for numerous tests and scans, and yet nothing showed up in the test results. I then resigned myself to the fact that this was to be part of my life.

“Three years ago I started to use Cellfood, with not much confidence I must add; because, over the years, I had tried so many different products, and nothing had helped me. Well, Cellfood made an immediate difference in my life. And if you ask me how I know that Cellfood has helped my headaches and sinus, my reply is that, when I tested it out by not taking Cellfood, immediately my sinuses played up and my headaches returned all over again.

“ I am very grateful that Cellfood is a totally natural product, and even if I need to take it for the rest of my life, I know that there are no side effects, and that Cellfood will keep me in very good condition.”

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