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HERPES (USA customer)

I started taking Cellfood in 2012 because I have herpes and struggled constantly with it for years.

Cellfood seemed to help prevent outbreaks, but intermittently, presumably because it improved body alkalinity.

Then I read somewhere that carbonated beverages increased acidity so I stopped drinking carbonated mineral waters, which I had liked. I don't drink alcohol.

The effect was striking. Far fewer breakouts.

Then I learned about high alkaline drinking waters, like Essential and Eternal brands (ph 9.5).

So I started only using Cellfood in these waters, and made sure that I took it 3 times a day, separate from other foods, and first thing in the morning when I woke up; late afternoon and just before bed.

I did become a little concerned that I might be over alkalizing, so I switched to Evian, which is 7.5.

Now I am consistently breakout free.

It is so amazing. Thank you!!!!!!!!

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