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“I would like to share my story with you as to how I started taking Cellfood.

“ On 2 October 2002, while I was riding my motorcycle, I was hit by a taxi. I was rushed by ambulance to the Chris Hani Hospital; and, for three long weeks I lay in bed fighting with doctors to save my leg. I had already lost 8 - 10 cm of my left femur as well as the use of my left arm due to the damage to the nerves.

“I then signed myself out of the hospital and had myself checked into the Milpark Hospital. On my arrival at Milpark, I was placed in a ward for infectious diseases because I had contracted a highly infectious disease in my leg. By now, my leg had swelled to four times the normal size, and was oozing yellow, foul-smelling puss.

“ Doctors did not guarantee saving my leg; and, although I was on a number of anti-biotics, nothing was helping. It was beginning to look hopeless.

“A fellow-patient, Heather Dunmore (see KIDNEY TRANSPLANT), in the same ward, told me how Cellfood was helping her, and that I should try it. What did I have to loose? Nothing! If it could save my leg, then I was prepared to try anything. BUT, at the back of my mind, I kept on thinking that if the anti-biotics could not help, then how could some strange unheard-of liquid help.

“To keep Heather happy, I agreed to try the Cellfood. Because of the urgency of my serious condition, Brian, her husband, suggested that I immediately take large doses for two days. Within 48 hours, the swelling of my leg had reduced to almost normal size. The infection had also almost completely disappeared. It was unbelievable that, within two days, everything was just about back to normal. The doctors and surgeons were amazed that the infection and the swelling had disappeared so soon. In their own words, they said that was impossible for anti-biotics to have worked so rapidly. Because they were so pleased with my condition, they operated on me, removing 10 cm of bone from my damaged left leg, and then inserted artificial bone. Skin grafts were done on my foot; and, as soon as the artificial bone was accepted by my body, the surgeons did skin grafts on my leg.

“It is now almost five months since the accident, and it looks as if my leg will be saved. I know that there is a long road ahead that I will need to ‘walk’; and, on both of my legs; but, knowing that my leg has been saved, makes it a lot easier. The road ahead for me now looks as if it will be a successful journey.

“The fear of the unknown, of the future, of knowing that at anytime the doctors may need to take off my leg to save my life was frightening. How will I cope with one leg? What will people think of me? How will my loved ones take it? Will they be prepared to accept me as I am with parts of my body missing? All of these play on your mind as you lie in hospital, waiting.

“And, Cellfood? No doubt about it, my partner for life; for, without the kindness of Heather and Brian who initially gave it to me, I would not have my leg today. I am also using the Cellskin Gel, knowing that the scars from all the operations I have had on my leg will soon clear up.

“Would I recommend Cellfood? You bet your boots that I would, and I do recommend it. Thanks for reading my story, and I hope Cellfood works for you too!"

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