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From Anonymous, Sandton, South Africa.

In preparation for a quick trip from SA to the US and back this month, I began using Cell Food on 6 May because on every other trip to the US, I have always been affected by jet lag - the last time, it took me a full 10 days to get myself back to normal after I returned home.

Whilst I adhered to the advice given to me by Fiona (Oxygen for Life) about starting with just a few drops of Cell Food each day in half a glass of water, and increasing them every few days, I didn't have enough time before my trip to increase the usage by only 2/3 drops every 4 days, so I began on 6 drops in half a glass of water the first morning, and just increased the usage each day, and on the morning of the day I was due to fly, 18 May, I had my first 25 drops.

I used the product once a day, in the morning as soon as I got up - 25 drops in half a glass of water.

While overseas and during the four flights, I didn't use any extra drops and instead just had 25 drops every 24 hours.

I experienced not one detox symptom during the build up. The taste is perfectly palatable, and I am astounded by the efficacy of this product. I was on the go virtually non-stop for 7 days in the US, with late nights and early mornings, in a different climate. My energy levels were very high, I experienced no jet lag while in the US, and after I returned home I was up and about until 2am the first night, I've been getting up early in the morning and staying up until very late at night, and have been out every day since I returned.

I am quite simply not tired, I have no jet lag symptoms, and I have already bought another container of Cell Food for myself lest I run out, and will be using it every day, not only when I travel. I have bought one for a close relative, and I have recommended the product to everyone I have spoken to.

While in the US, some of the people with whom I was at the various functions couldn't believe I was awake until late each night and that I looked rested and well even though I had just arrived in the country.

I wholeheartedly recommend this product for daily use, and for jet lag - it is incomparable.

I must also tell you that my 85-year old mother is LOVING Cellfood and she has seen such a huge amazing benefit. And I have just had an sms from a friend of mine who went to New Zealand on Monday. I saw her on Saturday and told her to take Cellfood for the jet lag and beyond, and her sms said, "this cellfood scares me, when will I slow down". So, Oxygen for life, this product of yours is unbelievable.

Monday 31 May 2010

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