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INA NELL - Tel : 011 201-7703

I want to personally thank the makers of cellfood for this fabulous product.

On the 3rd of September 2012 I was diagnosed with multiple calcified kidney cysts in both my kidneys, and during the CT scan to see the level of damage to my kidneys they also discovered multiple bone growths on my right femur.

The diagnosis was that I would require surgery on the hip and that plates would have to be inserted into my leg to ensure that it doesn't fracture any further.

I immediately started research changed my diet to accommodate my problem kidneys and incidentally came across several testimonials of how cellfood benefited other people, I rushed out and bought myself two bottles and started taking 25 drops four time a day while I was waiting for the various specialists I was seeing to decide how they would be treating me. also stopped taking all other supplements except for Cellfood.

On the 16th October 2012 I finally got my appointment with the surgeon that was supposed to do the operation. Again I have to go through a day of Xrays, Bone Scans and Blood Tests, and here is where my story get really interesting. Although the scans still show something on my femur, the doctor in now not convinced I need surgery, the tumors are smaller, my blood test came back completely clean and my uric acid is back to normal.

My oxygen level in my blood is higher than normal and the doctor said it looks as if my leg is spontaneously recovering, he is now going to wait for three months to see if my leg recovers by it self before he opts for surgery.

My next kidney CT scan is in January 2013 and I look forward to see if there is also improvement in my kidneys. Till then I will religiously take my cellfood 3 times a day and stick to a healthy vegan diet.

I have not had the time to discuss this with my doctor, only got my test results yesterday afternoon and nobody was more surprised than I was with the results. I knew the cellfood was doing something in my body felt better that I have in more that 8 months but I did not expect the result I got. I have to see my orthopedic surgeon end November for follow up tests and I fully intend to discuss Cellfood as part of my recovery with him then.

This is a fantastic product and it actually does what it says it will do.



Brian Dunmore: 082-334-3229

“Twas the day before Christmas (no, this is not another fairytale, but a real life story of the most perfect gift), the last day to shop for gifts when everyone is running around in a terrible tizz, not being able to find the perfect gift.

“It was 05:00 on the 24th December 2002. The dawn sky was beginning to turn from a sleepy deep blue to a glorious orange as the sun lifted it’s head from below the horizon. The birds were already singing. After all, it was the day before Christmas and everyone and everything had something to celebrate.

“Dialysis is a nightmare not wished on anyone’s enemies. However, it is a gift that is available to renal patients to give them continued life for as long as it takes to find a suitable kidney for transplant; or, failing that, then just to sustain life in whatever form that may be available under the circumstances.

“Heather was on her way to hospital for a dialysis session before Christmas. The next session was due on the 27th December, 3 days later. A session lasts for about 4 hours, depending on what is done and in what state of health the patient is. Full dialysis cleans the blood, and can also consist of the removal of excess fluid from the body, or it could mean that only excess fluid is removed.

“Heather had a kidney transplant in 1986. For 11 years, all went well. Five years ago, she fell at work and broke her knee. She ended up in hospital where her knee was wired up. Whilst in hospital, she contracted a virus in her colon. From this point in time onwards, problems kept on occurring.  During 2002, her kidney began to fail. Dialysis was needed.

“The week before Christmas, a line was put under her collarbone so that she could be connected to the dialysis machine. However, she complained of discomfort, pain and nausea. There was something wrong.

“At 05:30, she was connected to the machine; and, by 09:30, she would be ready to go home. As usual with Heather, nothing goes smoothly, so dialysis finished at 10:30. By 11:00 she was home, feeling extremely tired and nauseous. She climbed into bed, almost in a dazed state. Christmas day arrived. Normally, Heather would be rushing around cooking, baking and doing everything that a normal housewife would do on Christmas Day. This day was going to be different. Heather lay in bed the whole day. At 01:00, she got out of bed to have a bath, then climbed back into bed. Something was wrong. The renal specialist was phoned. He said that Heather should be admitted to hospital immediately, and that he would be waiting at the hospital for her.

“At 04:00, Heather arrived at the hospital, and was admitted to the Acute Care ward with chronic renal failure. So much for Christmas day!

“That day, x-rays were taken of her lungs because of a breathing problem. It was discovered that her right lung had been punctured, and the lung had sub-sequently collapsed. Later on that after-noon, it was discovered that she had picked up two viruses in her blood. The doctors were not sure, but tried to establish the location of the viruses.

“On 27th December, the surgeon decided that a drain needed to be placed in the right lung cavity to drain the air that was leaking from the lung. That afternoon, a hole was cut in her right side, and a tube inserted to drain the air. The infection was still being elusive. I was looking at the dressing covering the line and noticed that it was yellow. In desperation, I proceeded to rip the dressing off. Puss flowed from the hole where the line had been inserted. Two problems caused by the hospital were about to change the lives of Heather and her family. These problems were pointed out to the General Manager of the hospital, and Heather was moved to the Coronary Care Unit, where she would (in theory) receive better attention.

“That Friday afternoon, all seemed to be going well, except that she seemed to be loosing her mind and getting very confused. She did not recognise her family and did not know where she was.

“On Saturday, which happened to be our wedding anniversary, she experienced a more dramatic change in her condition. By the afternoon, she had changed and was totally confused. She appeared to have lost her mind completely. Heather had, by now, lost about 10 kg. Her wrists were extremely thin. During the afternoon visiting hour, her arms appeared normal; however, by 19:15, her right arm had swelled up to about 5 times the normal size, and looked like a balloon. Internal bleeding! When the sister looking after her was questioned as to what was going on, she said that the doctor was aware of the situation and would look at the arm in the morning. The sister was told, in no uncertain terms, that the doctor would look at the arm immediately, to which she replied that the doctor would look at it in the morning. The hospital General Manager was contacted again. Within 3 minutes the surgeon was looking at Heather’s arm. By now, blood was oozing out of all injection puncture holes on both arms. Her arm was elevated and an ice pack placed on the swelling.

“The following afternoon (29th), the swelling had started to subside. However, that was not the end of it. Shortly after visiting hour started, a lady from the pathologists arrived to take blood samples. Due to Heather’s veins having collapsed from a drug given to her after her transplant in 1986, (OKT3), it was difficult to draw blood. Not to be outdone by collapsed veins, the lady turned the needle around and around in Heather’s arm. I then chased her out of the ward and told her not to come back. The next day, Monday, word had spread of my terror within the hospital, and on every visit, I received extreme dirty looks. Heather’s left arm had now gone the way of her right arm. The pathologists were told that the ward sisters would in future take blood from the line and they were not in any way allowed to touch her.

“By this time, Heather’s mind was totally gone. We were phoned to say that they had placed her on a ventilator as she had stopped breathing and her lungs were filling with fluid. She had also been sedated so that she was not aware of the pipe down her throat. The doctors were also told that she seemed to be reacting to something within the tubing used on the dialysis machine. Of course, not being a doctor, I was told that I was talking nonsense. This week became a nerve- shattering week for me. A number of times we thought that she would be gone. But, no, she was a fighter.

“On Friday afternoon, a professor of haematology, after having looked at her blood results, said that there were traces of Heparin in her blood. First of all, she is allergic to Heparin. Secondly, Heparin is used to prevent blood from clotting in the dialysis machine. Thirdly, her platelet count was extremely low, and no clotting was taking place, hence the massive amount of internal and external bleeding. Before all this, I had told the doctors that there was something in the plastic causing problems; but this was again dismissed. By this time, her arms had turned totally pitch black.

“By Tuesday, some form of sense had started to return in her mind.

“On Wednesday, the ventilator was removed, and on Thursday, the drain removed from her lung. We were told that the kidney was no longer going to work and that it appeared that she would be on dialysis until such time as she could have another transplant. That same day, the drain was replaced as more fluid was found in the lungs.

“On Friday, the ventilator was replaced as she had stopped breathing. Here we go again. It looked as if life was taking a backward turn.

“Sense seemed to have returned to Heather’s mind by Sunday, and she was starting to write notes as she could not speak. This time she was not sedated and suffered terribly with the pipe in her throat. By this time, the viruses were raging in her body and she was on 4 different anti-biotics simultaneously. She had picked up another virus, commonly found in hospitals, and was moved to a glass cubicle within the Coronary Care Unit.

“On Wednesday, while sharing this whole situation with Mike Matulovich, he said that although Heather couldn’t have ordinary Cellfood because she had a pipe down her throat and was not allowed to take anything orally, she could be given the new CELLFOOD DNA/RNA spray  (which has not as yet been tried and tested in SA), because it could be sprayed under her tongue for sub-lingual absorption.

“I consulted the renal specialist on Thursday as to whether Heather could be given the spray, and the answer was yes. So…where to from here? Have you ever tried to spray into a tiny mouth that is nearly filled with a ventilator pipe? Try it sometime, it is extremely difficult. The instructions said, 6 sprays. Well, at first, one spray 3 times a day was about all that we could manage.

“On Monday, we were told that the ventilator would be removed after dialysis on Tuesday. Tuesday arrived, no dialysis until late afternoon. No ventilator removal. However, it would be done on Wednesday.

“Wednesday lunchtime, the ventilator was removed. Now was the time to start full trial testing of the new CELLFOOD product. Six sprays were given at lunch time, and a further 6 that night. 

“By Thursday lunchtime, 3 of the 4 anti-biotics had been removed. Heather’s face seemed to have a glow. Friday afternoon, at 16:00, her kidney began to work. An amazing 25ml of urine lay in the bag. By 19:00, there was an additional 50ml.

“Saturday, things started getting better. Heather was taken off the respirator; but her arms were still black. Mike gave me three containers of Cellskin Gel and suggested that this be lavishly applied on her skin, which was also extremely dry. So off I went to the hospital again, as I had been doing every day, 3 times per day for the past 24 days, Gel in hand. At 16:00, I started rubbing the Cellskin Gel onto Heather’s arms, stomach, knee and leg. Within 15 minutes, Heather started screeching; no, not from pain or discomfort, but out of surprise, because right before our eyes, her skin was changing colour. Her arms were changing from black to a dark purple colour.

“This was impossible. The nursing sisters all came in to see what the fuss was all about, and none of them could believe their eyes. I took photos from Saturday evening onwards to show the results over a period of time. From that point onwards, Heather started improving significantly, and she was transferred to the Respiratory ICU ward.

“It is now five and half weeks since she was admitted to hospital, and yes, she is still in the Respiratory ICU ward.  It will take time for her to regain her strength and rebuild her completely damaged body, but we take one day at a time and watch the improvements. There are still ups and downs, as there will always be. At the moment she has picked up another infection, she has water on her lungs again due to dialysis not always working as it should. The veins block up very quickly, but a new line has been put in and it seems to be working. She is coughing a fair amount, probably due to the water and the anti-biotics, as well as the blood clot in her right leg.

“It is amazing to see how her arms have regained their normal colour after two weeks of applying Cellskin Gel. She is now taking 12 drops of normal Cellfood 3 times per day, as well as 6 sprays of the new Cellfood 3 times per day. Heather’s platelet count is still extremely low, and her blood is also low. On Sunday 2nd February she was given dialysis and two units of blood. Hopefully, Cellfood will sort out the bone marrow problem, so that she can begin making her own blood and platelets again. Her urine output varies between 550ml and 950ml per day, depending on whether she has dialysis or not.

“During Heather’s time in CCU, the nursing sisters had all seen the amazing changes in Heather’s condition from the time that Cellfood had been given to her. They all wanted to know more about Cellfood, and asked me to sell them some. After talking to them, most of the sisters in the unit purchased Cellfood. The physiotherapist asked to see all available test results, and would not commit himself until he had read everything possible. However, on the Friday (2 days after using Cellfood) he could not believe the changes and immediately bought a bottle from me. The person taking orders for units of blood also bought a bottle from me. The staff in the Respiratory ICU ward are now purchasing Cellfood as well. Soon, I will have the entire hospital on Cellfood. And Heather’s health continues to improve – what a gift!

July 2003 Update

Heather completely recovered from her ordeal and went to work daily. Her amazing story was then published in various magazines.

And so the years passed until 2007.

It was early in the morning and Heather said that she was not feeling well. She refused to be taken to the hospital. At 6:00am, she finally decided to be taken to hospital.

On arrival at casualty, she was immediately rushed into the emergency room.

A few minutes later, the doctor came out and said that Heather had just had a heart attack in the emergency room.

She was admitted to CCU and 2 days later had 2 stents inserted in her main arteries.

Heather recovered very quickly and was soon back at home thanks to Cellfood.

Easter 2008 and Heather was again in hospital. This time she had a cyst just above her ankle.

At 10:00 pm on Good Friday night, she was taken to theater to have the cyst removed. Her leg was cut from just below the knee to just above her ankle. A hole 50mm diameter was cut a third way up from her ankle and the cyst was removed.

The surgeon wanted to perform plastic surgery to close up the wound on her leg, but Heather being who she was, refused. The chance of plastic surgery being successful was about 50%.  

Again, Cellfood came to the rescue together with Cellskin Gel.

It took 3 months for the skin to knit together properly, but it did and left a narrow scar down her leg.

Cellfood did the trick again.

In October 2008, Heather had another heart attack.

This time she was not so lucky to be given stents, but required a 4 way heart bypass.

Apart from her heart, she was fine, but weak.

The surgeons could not decide whether to proceed with a double bypass or a 4 way bypass. They said that she was too weak to survive a 4 hour operation.

It was decided that she would undergo the 4 way bypass as she had a 50 – 50 chance of survival.

After 4 hours in the theater, the surgeon came out and said that she was fine and would return to the ward in 15 minutes.

However, she did not return to the ward, and when the ward staff were asked where she was, they said that her heart had stopped just before they were to take her off of the machines.

The theater staff worked for another 2 hours, undoing all the work that they had done and removing a blood clot from a newly replaced artery.

6.5 hours after surgery began, Heather was back in the ward.

Heather had outdone herself again with the will to survive, Cellfood had also kept her strong enough to survive the operation.

In September 2009, Heather picked up an infection from dialysis. She was treated with anti-biotics and Cellfood.

Unfortunately, the virus kept returning and Heather began to get weak.

From March 2010, Heather was in hospital, unable to shake off the infection which was in her stomach.

She got progressively weaker and sadly, on 17 October 2010, she passed away.

Even Cellfood could not attack the virus as it spread rapidly through her body.

Throughout all that time, Heather firmly believed in Cellfood and not a day would go by that she go without taking it.

Thanks to Cellfood, Heather was given almost 8 additional years of life from December 2002.



Thank you for taking an interest in my testimonial and allowing me the opportunity to share this with others, please feel free to publish this on your website.

About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with double kidney failure and had a kidney transplant. Upon receiving the results of my blood tests last year, I had found out that my kidney was only at 34% of its full function. My daughter in-law had then introduced me to cell food, as she also uses it on a daily basis. I was very pleased to find out when I had gone for my recent blood tests that my kidney function had improved from the previous 34% to 39%, giving me a 5% function increase within the 3 months that I have been using cell food. It has also improved my energy levels quite a bit so I don’t get tired as quickly as I use to. It has since been a product that I encourage all that I come into contact with to start taking it as it can be quite beneficial to your everyday living.

Should anybody require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of the below contact details or at home on 0413781063.


Keith Muller

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