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28 OCTOBER 2003


Location: Grass Nursery.
Test Area: Marked T2
Control: Marked C2

Treatment area selected due to fact that significant ponding takes place in this area.
Clay soil. Penetrometer easily up to 25 cm.
Dosage: Double suggested dosage applied.
Area chosen due to the fact that water did not penetrate

11 NOVEMBER 2003

5 Ml rain fell on 10 November 2003. Grass is getting green.

No noticeable difference between Test and Control.


Looking Good! Test site chosen due to fact that water used to pond in this area.

This is reportedly no longer the case and arrangements will be made prior to the next visit for watering to only take place in our presence.

Grass has lost its “Yellow” colour, which is an indication of water ponding – see C2.

17 DECEMBER 2003

Area watered in our presence. Ponding does still take place in test area but only for a short while.

Water in Test area penetrates soil quicker than in control area.
Grass looking very good.

Soil sample taken from Test area. No noticeable difference from soil sample taken from Control 2 – see below.

Note comments above regarding soil sample taken from Test area.


Grass in Test 2 area nice and lush and green in colour whereas a section in Control 2, where ponding still takes place, grass is yellowish in appearance. Remaining grass is also not as green as in Test 2 area due to improved water retention capability of soil in Control 2.
Ponding in Test area 2 much reduced due to increased permeation of soil enabling water to penetrate soil easier and quicker.
Black algae in Test 2 area no longer present whereas it can be clearly seen in Control 2 area. See following 2 photos.

On the left hand side of the Control and Test areas, black algae responsible for the darker area as can be clearly seen.

Black algae can be clearly seen in Control 2 area.

Photo to demonstrate black algae, which is still noticeable to the left of the Test 2 area on the right. No signs of black algae in Test 2 area.
John Hammond pleased with this result that demonstrates the fact that ponding has reduced and is no longer a problem, as water is able to penetrate the soil quickly and easily.

13 JANUARY 2004 TEST 2

Ponding of water in T2 area no longer taking place. Grass is no longer yellow and has become green due to the fact that ponding problem has been resolved. Black algae have also disappeared. See next photograph, which clearly demonstrates the algae in the C3 area and also outside the Test 3 area.

The following results have been achieved:
- Improved water permeation of soil
- Increased water retention capability of soil
- Improved growth resulting in greener, lusher and closer knit greens.
- Black Algae has gone away.

This photograph clearly shows the black algae to the left of the Test area.


Top left photograph of soil samples reflect varying thickness of soil layers in Control (Left) and Test (Right) areas. Soil structures exactly the same from an appearance point of view.

Top right photograph reflects the roots after having had the soil washed off. The roots of the grass from Test area measure 18cm in length whereas the Control roots measure 7cm in length. The roots in the Test area therefore penetrated the soil 157% deeper than the Control roots, enabling the roots in the Test area to take in additional nutrients and water. This will also enable the grass to withstand harsher conditions and the grass will remain greener for longer during the winter months.

Other photographs reflect a second soil sample extracted from Control and Test areas respectively. Similar results in evidence.



Click here to view test 1

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