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28 OCTOBER 2003


Location: Grass Nursery.
Test Area: Marked T3
Control: Marked C3

Soil is Hydrophobic.
Control 3 – Hydrophobic area +- 30%
Test 3 – Hydrophobic area +- 30%
Dosage: Four times suggested dosage applied.

11 November 2003

Treatment area is slightly greener than “Control”.

28 OCTOBER 2003

“Blue Area” clearly indicates hydrophobic areas.

Please note: Hydrophobic area in Test 2 area has shrunk considerably and that the grass is greener than Control 2.

Positive result!

Soil sample taken from center of Hydrophobic Treatment area (T3).

Note top 6 cm of soil darker in colour than bottom part due to improved water retention. Upon commencement of the treatment, the soil sample was totally dry due to soil’s hydrophobic condition. Grass root structure improved significantly.

Soil sample taken from center of Hydrophobic Control 3 area.

Note significantly less water in top layer of soil when compared to above sample extracted from T3. Upon commencement of the treatment, the soil sample was totally dry due to soil’s hydrophobic condition. Grass root structure significantly shallower than Test 3 resulting in soil breaking up as roots are not holding the particles together.

Bottom layer consists of clay.


6 JANUARY 2004

Hydrophobic area in Control 3 area still in evidence, whereas it has practically disappeared in Test 3 area.

See following 2 photos, which reflect the hydrophobic areas in Test 3 and Control 3 areas respectively.

Please note the much reduced size of the hydrophobic area in Test 3.

Grass is also significantly greener in Test 3 area due to improved water retention capability of soil.
Please note the hydrophobic section in the Control 3 area, which still covers an area of approximately 30%, whereas the hydrophobic area in the Test 3 area has reduced to approximately 5 percent maximum.
Grass in Test 3 area significantly greener, lush and more closely knitted than in Control 3.

Very little black algae still present.
Grass in Control 3 area not as green or lush as in Test 3 area. Grass in Test 3 also more closely knitted than in Control 3.

Considerable black algae still present as compared to Test 3.

13 JANUARY 2004

Hydrophobic area in T3 has practically disappeared whereas it is still clearly visible in C3.

The following results have been achieved:
- Hydrophobic soil effectively treated
- Improved water permeation of soil
- Increased water retention capability of soil
- Improved growth resulting in greener, lusher and closer knit greens.

“Blue” Hydrophobic area in C3 clearly visible.
Soil samples taken from C3 and T3 for analysis by ARC.



Top left photograph of soil samples reflect varying thickness of soil layers in Control (Left) and Test (Right) areas.

This area of the nursery was especially chosen as a result of the fact that the soil is truly hydrophobic. Although there has been an improvement, the root system has not developed as much as the grass roots in Test 1 and Test 2 areas have.

Top right photograph reflects the roots after having had the soil washed off. The roots of the grass from Test area measure 9cm in length whereas the Control roots measure 6cm in length. The roots in the Test area therefore penetrated the soil 50% deeper than the Control roots, enabling the roots in the Test area to take in additional nutrients and water. This will also enable the grass to withstand harsher conditions and the grass will remain greener for longer during the winter months.



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