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My Experience with Cellfood in 2021

As a former Vitamins Consultant for many years I have had training and personal encounters with many different types of Vitamins in all sorts from capsules to powders to trace elements; from Ocean Milk to Protein Shakes and much more.

This product might taste different once added to water, but in fact it is different in many ways as it literally finds its way deep into your blood stream.

Starting as the dosage instructs, I went up to 10 x drops twice a day in my drinking water and my energy levels, along with my physical well-being, improved as well as better sleeping patterns after using my first bottle.

Tablets and capsules only get absorbed minimal of actual product, but Cellfood delivers full absorption.

Fatigue levels dropped and that burnout feeling dropped as well . So therefore I find "Oxygen" for Life to be the product we all need right now, especially with the little Oxygen we get in by wearing a mask.


Rentia Venter



Emmarentia Venter

Tel : 0827082930

Here is my testimonial. Since me and my mom is using Cellfood drops now for 2 months we can really feel the difference. I feel more energized during the day when I take mine first thing in the morning and it helped me to do more exercise whereas I normally got tired to quickly and/or too tired to start.

My mother (78 years) is asthmatic and since I gave her the Cellfood to drink in the mornings she also did not need her inhaler as much as she normally did and she also feel more energized. When in hospital they test her oxygen levels and it was normally here in the 80's and now it's 94 which is very good for her asthma. Just want to thank cellfood for this wonderful product and will definitely keep on using it and going to try all the other products as well.

Thank you

Rentia Venter & Martie Venter (Mom)


Beryl Binnie - Website: Binnie Corporate Lodge August 2016

I have been taking Cellfood for the last 8 years and feel that it does me a lot of good, giving me extra energy.

I am 84 years of age and run two businesses - one is an up market Bed & Breakfast,

and I have the distribution of Fruitree Juice, from Paarl in the Cape which I have had for 26 years.

I have also managed to get a few of my friends taking Cellfood.


GAY-ANN BUYS - Tel : 083 468-7020

I am sorry I have not sent an updated testimonial sooner. The fact that I'm busy is proof that my health has made a 180 degree turn for the better. For the last 20 years I have not been able to do much as I always needed 3 days a week to rest just to cope with normal day to day activities. As from January 2012, I realised that my energy levels had improved, so I set myself monthly goals, doing more and more every month. I am now busy every single day, involved in activities that would exhaust most people, and I'm coping, and still smiling. I am so thankful for the Cell Food product as my life is now as it was 20 years ago!


JOE CIMINO - Tel : 011 783-8828

I have been using Cell Food for many years and I must say as a 52 year old male, I have the energy I did when I was young. I beat my 15 year old in tennis and I really have a lust for enjoying physical activities. I am always upbeat and a bit crazy sometimes, all in fun. I went for my 50 year old physical and they said I am in tremendous health. So I say to those thinking of using this product give it a try for 90 days and you too will see the positive effect it will give you! I am so glad I stopped at the sales table back in 2006. It truly has changed my life THANK YOU!


I was skeptically introduced to Cellfood two years ago. After using it for about 10 days I was amazed at the difference it made to my health. I hadn't felt this well in a very long time. I had energy I had not had for a long time. My overall well-being was a delightful experience. I went off for a while but about 5 days ago on a Saturday night I started feeling short of breath. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was up the whole night trying to breathe. Eventually I fell asleep at about 04h00. Waking up I did not feel much better. I sat on the edge of my bed wondering whether I should go and see a doctor, but I thought of the side effects of the allopathic medicines and the costs involved, as well as the time waiting to see a doctor and I despondently decided against it. I sat wondering what I was going to do when I was reminded of Cellfood.

Being Sunday, I remember Dis-Chem was open. I got into my car and bought a dropper full of Cellfood. I started with one drop, and half an hour later I took two drops. Another half hour later I took three drops and an hour later I took 5 drops. That night before going to bed I took another 10 drops and went to sleep.

Monday morning I woke up and was pleasantly surprised at the easy manner in which I fell asleep last night I took 10 drops again half an hour before lunch. I started feeling better in the afternoon, so took another 10 drops on going to bed.

I felt so much better the following morning and kept on feeling better as the day went by taking Cellfood at regular intervals.

On writing this letter the breathlessness is a vague memory.

Thank you Cellfood for this wonderful product.

I have a saying : "You can have all the money in the world, but if you haven't got your health you have nothing." By spending money on Cellfood you can buy your health back and have everything again.

Yours in Cellfood

Henry van Vreden
Cell: (082) 538-5651


GAY-ANN BUYS - Tel : 083 468-7020


I wanted to send you my testimonial with Cellfood as follows to place on your website.

I had Encephalitis, 3rd time in 4 years, I couldn't seem to get back to my normal self after 4 months. I was having Vit B injections weekly, on different vitamens to try boost myself, but the exhaustion just stayed. And my brain, was finding it difficult to even think of words I use daily.

I heard about "Cellfood" from a Homeopath (I know the name of the health shop where the homeopath is but cannot remember his name. It's called Just Beans in Pinetown, Natal) and immediately bought it. I started taking it that same day, it was a Thursday. Took the drops on my tongue and felt, difficult to describe, almost lightened. Everyday I used the product, I felt almost immediate boost. Within 1 and a half weeks, I woke up and felt so good, alive almost. Have not been tired now for 1 whole week and am thrilled. Still needing to think at times to remember some words, but that I can cope with.

Thank you, thank you.

Kind Regards
Gayann Buys



I am a recreational cyclist and started using Cellfood about 6 months ago. After about 2 months of regular use, I realized that my body’s ability to recover after races has improved dramatically. Muscle stiffness and lactic acid build-up were significantly less the day after a big race, and I could go back to training immediately, whereas in the past I would normally skip training the day after a big event.

I also noticed that my heart rate is lower than usual during controlled training (spinning), and can only ascribe it to my body’s improved utilization of oxygen – therefore the heart doesn’t have to work so hard.

I have just about eliminated all the other supplements I used to take.

Francois van Wyk
Cell: 082 389 2605


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