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Zozo -

Update 4 May 2017

I bought the Cellfood from last month for my mom because she was sick and was given an oxygen machine to use at home, but that oxygen made her cough a lot. i read about Cellfood on the internet and I bought it for her and she has improved a lot and is active and the cough is gone. I really trust your products.

I will try Repair for her too.


Alan Rielander 2014

Anaerobic Android App And Free Diving Techniques Used

The cell phone/android app was written to assist people like myself to help improve our breath-holding ability. The app has two disciplines - CO2 Tables and O2 Tables. I am a novice at this and am still in the process of teaching my body to hold a breath and perform the necessary dives. However, this sport is extremely dangerous and can result in the loss of a life.



CO2 Tables are practiced going through+ 6 breath hold cycles, where the breath hold time is constant and your breath up time (charging blood with oxygen) is shorting every cycle. This process gets your CO2 levels right in the blood stream for body conditioning. The left hand side is the breath up time and the right hand side is the actual breath hold constantly kept at 2 minutes. During these processes the body naturally wants oxygen and can experience a bit of a convolution, not always seen but it can be mild and therefore unnoticeable. This is known as a contraction which must be practiced to control this experience.



On completion of this exercise the app displays me a graph that allows me to monitor my progress. The coloured blocks below the graph indicates the amount of contractions I had. The last point 9 on the right has nothing because I quit the last hold due to me not feeling well and not wanting to put too much stress on myself.



The next one has the same functions but the only difference is the O2 table where the breath up time is constant and the actual breath hold period increases by 10% every breath hold. See the planned table as indicated below.



The graph on this event shows my achievement in seconds but has given me very good results due to the Cellfood in my blood stream enabling me to hold up to 3:13, and this was with very little practice. In the past I practiced a whole year and reached a lesser time of 2:45. It must also be kept in mind that I had been diagnosed with a virus which also restricted me to a degree. Graph shows results along with contractions.



I personally don't want to go too far with breath holds as, the longer you can hold your breath and the longer you can stay down, the more chance there is of having black outs, so I like to keep it safe at the same time.



Thank you for this opportunity Alan!



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