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SHAUN BRASH - Tel: 073 596-1989

Our little girl Danika was born a micro prem weighing only 415 grams at birth ... after numerous infections and procedures she was sent home after 159 days in Neonatal ICU. Due to her prematurity she has chronic lungs and thus prone to lung & chest infections. Danika was also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in March this year. We heard about oxygen therapies but due to her size were advised against them. We then heard about CELLFOOD and thought well let's try it. We are glad to say Danika went through a very cold 2012 winter with not as much as a sniff (everyone around her got sick … except her). We would definitely say this was due to Cellfood. Danika has been on Cellfood 9 months now and we look forward to many more "healthy months".
Thank you Cellfood.


Cellfood vs lung problem

Hi my name is Dawn McDonald and I have been using Cellfood since 2005. My daughter was diagnosed with a Bronchogenic Cyst on her right lung. She was born with it and it had damaged about three quarters of her lung. This had to be surgically removed, but three months prior to this, I had seen a write-up about cellfood in the YOU magazine. In desperation I bought a bottle and started giving my daughter 5 drops a day which eventually increased to 15 drops a day. On the day of her surgery, an xray was done and the cyst had reduced by 50%! We were so excited that we almost stopped the surgery, but unfortunately, there was extensive damage to the lung which was causing extremely high fever and discomfort. So she had three quarters of her lung removed but we have not stopped with the cellfood since then. Her recovery was remarkable! Instead of the 10 days she was supposed to stay in the ICU unit, she was only in there for three days. The whole family takes it now and our household is never without it.

Dawn McDonald
Cell: 0837776800

Cellfood vs lung problem update

I would like to update you on the use of Cellfood vs a lung problem.

As you know, my daughter has been taking Cellfood since the age of 5. She is now 13 years old. Since her operation, to remove three quarters of her lung, as a result of a "Bronchogenic cyst", doctors warned that her right lung could become weaker and that she might not be able to get involved with sports activities. X-rays after a year showed that the lung was fully expanded and she lives her life quite normally as other children do. Shelby has shocked many people. She lives a normal life and is involved in sports activities and is full of energy. I have her on a maintenance dose of 20 drops per day and she has remained healthy since. Our blood sugar levels are amazing! We are now told not to take any Iron Supplements or we might have iron overloads, so cellfood is doing wonders. We are four in a family and Cellfood is part of our daily lives, nobody leaves home without it and every one has experienced the benefit of it. (Dawn McDonald 083 777-6800)

I have also been supplying my family with Cellfood, have an uncle whose PSA level had reached high levels of between 16 and 30 and the normal PSA level is 4. He was asked by his doctor to go for further tests to test for prostrate cancer at which time, I introduced him to Cellfood and since taking it, his PSA level is slowly coming down. He orders six bottles from me every month and although progress is not as fast as he would like it to be, his condition is improving. Doctors are happy with his condition and not ordering tests to investigate further ( Basil Lawler 031 2015451).


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