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In a clinical trial on athletes at the University of Pretoria 35 drops of CellfoodŽ increased the oxygen uptake by 5%, and normalized all haematological (blood) values, amongst others.

Our products, in addition to and in conjunction with other medical treatments, can be of great benefit to one's health.


What is asthma?

Asthma is a hyper-reactive, inflammatory condition of the bronchial tubes which impair airway function. Dust, chemicals, antibodies, and exercise amongst others can initiate an attack.

How is asthma treated?

The safest approach to reducing or eliminating asthma attacks is to avoid known irritants or initiators, to create a personal environment containing purified (filtered) air, and to build a strong respiratory tract and balanced immune system. Important lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, exercise, plenty of sleep and clean air in the bedroom all make a big difference to quality of life for an asthmatic.

The immune system of most asthmatics is under pressure, not only from possible allergens, but also due to the consequences of the stress associated with acute/chronic ill health. Couple this with a weakened digestive system, possibly not able to cope adequately with proper absorption of nutrients, as a result of things like medications, food sensitivities and general gutdysbiosis, and the asthmatic is further compromised.

Are nutritional supplements of value?

Supplements help the asthmatic recover, and control future attacks. The following are of value: Vitamin C, selenium and other antioxidants; probiotics; fish oils and cod liver oil; MSM; magnesium (critical in helping to relax airways); multivitamins and CellfoodŽ.

In conclusion, good food, a healthy lifestyle and targeted supplementation is a winning combination to help asthmatics reach a point of 'remission' where they can live normal lives with minimal drug intake, and maximum health.

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