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The OPEN ALL family of products used for soil conditioning can accomplish many things. First of all, it is an agricultural mineral concentrate specifically developed to change the condition of soil. The easiest way to understand OPEN ALL is to remember that OPEN ALL is not a fertilizer and does not contain plant food (except for needed trace minerals). But, it will take any kind of soil structure and change it; some more dramatically than others. Once the soil structure change has occurred, many other benefits are derived. OPEN ALL begins to open up the soil to water, air, fertilizer, and easier cultivation. It PENETRATES, PERMEATES and FLOCCULATES by molecular attraction. It begins a sequence of events that continue for years. OPEN ALL boosts chemical changes, physical changes, and biological changes. Most benefits are derived from a direct action, but many benefits are attributable to indirect actions. In every case, the "back to health" cycle is accelerated dramatically and the infinitely strong, natural corrective forces are accentuated.

The OPEN ALL treatment is absolutely essential in areas with a high pH measurement. These soils generally have a host of problems including alkali, hardpan, clay, top crust, and a build-up of chemical salts. Today, the OPEN ALL treatment is the only known method used to eliminate these problems, without damaging the soil or crops. Other effects include excellent percolation, improved water retention, water savings, reduction in fertilizer requirements, and the removal of salts and other contamination from the root zone.

The electro-chemical action of OPEN ALL is capable of dissolving hardpans, clay, and even caliche to form a granular productive soil with excellent percolation and water retention. Plant root penetration will be improved even in the hardest or most difficult soil conditions to improve nutrient utilization.

For more than 30 years OPEN ALL has provided soil conditioning solutions in 42 American states, as well as 15 countries and is considered ecologically and environmentally safe.

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