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OPEN-All® treatment 21 June 2004

Green in similar condition as green treated on 21 June 2004. Note the Hydrophobic bare patches of soil caused by high salininity levels and presence of Black Algae Layer.

Above green being treated on 26 July 2004.

Open-All® being watered into soil.

26 July 2004 - Photographs taken of green that was treated on 21 June 2004. Green significantly improved. Note closer knitted and greener grass. Hydrophobic areas have practically disappeared.
Due to the highly compacted nature of the soil and the high salininity levels, 1 Litre of Open-All® per 50 square meters ratio e.g. 6 Litres of Open-All® diluted in 500 litres of water used to treat this green. Mr. Derek le Roux the Green Keeper most impressed with the result of the treatment, which only occurred 5 weeks earlier.

Grass much improved after only 5 weeks. Photographs reflecting improved root growth (control on the left, test on the right) achieved at Kyalami Golf Course nursery April 2004

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