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We have received numerous reports from women who have used Cellfood throughout their pregnancies. They have reported that it assisted them in having a better sense of well-being, feeling more calm, and having no mood-swings or food cravings (compared to previous pregnancies when they had various mood-swings and food cravings). They all reported that they had delivered perfect babies.

Pregnant women often suffer from all sorts of nutritional deficiencies, because the developing foetus is constantly drawing nutrients from the mother. That is why many pregnant women crave some type of food during their pregnancies, or even eat coal or sand, because of its mineral content. Coal is better than sand because it is comprised of a wide spectrum of organic plant minerals (just not so inviting to eat!!); whereas sand is comprised of mainly inorganic minerals, and may contain harmful bacteria and pathogens in it (less inviting to eat!!). Cellfood is a much better option for those who may be suffering from some nutritional deficiency, because it contains a wide spectrum of organic plant minerals in a very concentrated, hygienic, and balanced preparation.

We have also had numerous reports from women who did not take Cellfood during pregnancy; and, after having given birth, went into post-natal depression. This is also because of mineral deficiency, especially magnesium and calcium. When they started to take Cellfood, the depression left immediately. Again, this is because the supply of minerals from Cellfood addressed this deficiency.

Cellfood can also be wonderful for the unborn baby because it assists in increasing the oxygen levels in the blood stream, and this will assist in the development of the baby's brain and nervous system.

The only reason why there is a caution on the Cellfood bottle regarding pregnancy, is to cover ourselves from any form of liability that may arise from an extreme case - e.g. a pregnant woman who is very sickly and who then, without any medical advice, takes a large amount (e.g. 100 drops) of Cellfood. This could cause her to experience a very severe detoxification, which could possibly have a negative affect on the developing baby. She could then blame the product for her "irresponsible" usage of it.

We always recommend that a pregnant woman should consult with a health practitioner before taking any preparation during her pregnancy. If you want some references of doctors who recommend Cellfood to all their patients, including pregnant women, please contact Oxygen For Life.

Generally, doctors recommend that a pregnant woman (who is fairly healthy) should start on a low dosage (about 4 drops) of Cellfood a day. If there is no major detoxification, then she can increase the dosage by two drops every three days, until she reaches a limit which is agreeable for her (and her baby's) needs. This could be 20 drops per day or 40 drops per day - everyone is different. This is where guided professional assistance can be helpful. If you have no one to help you, then a pregnant woman should start with as little as 2 drops in the morning and 2 drops in the evening (about 16h00) and build up to about 15 drops twice a day - taken in the morning and in the evening. The evening dosage is useful because it can provide the developing baby with extra oxygen while the mother is sleeping. In fact, the oxygen that Cellfood supplies is probably the one most important nutrient that the developing baby needs.


Marc Anthony, another CELLFOOD BABY!

Marc Anthony

Hi all,

Belinda asked me to forward on a message of thanks, to ALL at OFL for the beautiful flowers she received, on the birth of Marc Anthony, another CELLFOOD BABY!

Attached is a photograph of Marc Anthony, taken three days after his birth. A happy, contented baby (again must be the CELLFOOD).

You may want to add Marc Anthony's photo to your news page on the website. Belinda took CELLFOOD throughout her pregnancy, as she did with Michael Joseph, and I believe it certainly makes a huge difference to the baby and mother.

Michael Joseph is on three drops of CELLFOOD every day, and this certainly helps to build up his immune system, especially with him being at school, and now that Winter is upon us.

I believe that any mother, or future mom, reading this will certainly consider using CELLFOOD whilst pregnant and after the birth.

Please share the photograph with ALL.

Many thanks.
Laurice Matulovich (mother of Belinda Billings Savvi - ex-OFL rep)


Cellfood Baby

Elohiys was born to Tatitah, on the 6 August 2008. When Laurice Matulovich, our Public Relations Director, met Talitah last year, she told her all about CELLFOOD, and the other Oxygen For Life SA Products.

Talitah was fascinated and wanted to know more about CELLFOOD, and wanted to take it for herself. She told Laurice that she had many problems and was taking chronic medication each month. She also told Laurice that for six years she could not fall pregnant, because of her condition.
However soon after starting with CELLFOOD, Talitah fell pregnant, much to her surprise, but was absolutely delighted. She had to come off all medication because of her pregnancy, but continued to take CELLFOOD throughout her pregnancy.

Talitah age 42, reported that she had a wonderful pregnancy, worked right up to the day that Elohiys was born, and had a very quick and easy birth.

Talitah is a Bridal and Evening Couture, and has featured in many bridal magazines. No doubt Elohiys will always be the belle of the ball, when she grows up with a mother like hers.

Talitah's contact details 082-696-1797 email


Sharon Venter: 082-878-8287

“Having taken Cellfood from time to time, on discovering that I was pregnant, I immediately decided to take Cellfood daily, and continued to do so throughout my entire pregnancy. The result was that I had an incredibly easy, enjoyable pregnancy. A few other ladies who were pregnant at the same time as myself, were all plagued with various issues such as fatigue, morning sickness, etc. I, on the other hand, never had a day where I was sick or tired, nor did I have any cravings. The only minor issue that I experienced was that I had a few mild cases of indigestion during my second trimester. In fact, I could say that if it were not for the obvious fact that I was pregnant, I would not have known that I was pregnant, because I felt no different from normal.

“My baby went full term, and I gave birth to a beautiful son. I had a very easy birth (Epidural Caesar) and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight two weeks afterwards. I was later told that I would have managed a normal birth quite easily except for the fact that my cervix would not dilate.

“The effects of taking Cellfood have also come out in my son. As I am still breastfeeding, he is still getting Cellfood from me. As a result, teething was a breeze. His first tooth appeared, no fever, no swollen gums, no runny rose. Right from the start, he has been a very alert, happy baby. I have even had friends of mine saying that they never see him crying. To date, he has four teeth, and has never been sick for a day in his life, even with all the various sicknesses going around.”

Update: “My son, Daron, is now nearly a year old, and has never even had a fever after his vaccinations. One thing I know for certain is that I will recommend Cellfood to anyone who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant. You won’t be sorry!"


PREGNANCY & SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Shape)

Regarding SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Shape) for pregnant mothers, our only reservation is that we don't know what effect Citrin K might possibly have on a particular mother or unborn child. Although Citrin K is a natural condiment from Garcinia Cambogia fruit (which is used by millions of Asian people - pregnant mothers included - in their daily cooking) in order to eliminate any possibility of any liability against us, we suggest that a pregnant woman should have herself checked-out by her health practitioner before using SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Shape).

By the same token, we also recommend mothers who are breast-feeding to have themselves checked out with a health practitioner before using SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Shape).

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