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Many people go to great lengths and costs in an attempt to cosmetically reverse the ageing process by means of chemical peels, botox and even plastic surgery, hoping to smooth-out and revitalize dull, sagging and ageing skin. Few actually stop to consider that a change in nutritional habits could be a more successful, longer-lasting and less expensive means to a younger, more vibrant-looking skin; accompanied by more luxurious-looking hair; stronger and more beautiful-looking nails; and other health benefits (see: ROLE OF SILICON IN THE BODY. The good news is that, while ageing is inevitable, the degenerative processes that often accompany it can be slowed down with proper nutrition and responsible lifestyle. When it comes to ageing visibly, the real damage starts within the body and works its way out to the surface.

The external condition of a person’s skin, hair and nails is often the expression of the person’s internal condition of health.

Fortunately, today, research is showing us that we can slow-down ageing from the inside out, by following a proper diet and exercising regularly; and (when required) supplementing the body with certain essential nutrients.

Silicon is one of the nutrients that can assist in the improvement of hair, nail and skin conditions.


“Silicon is the second most abundant element on the planet (oxygen is the first); and is necessary for the formation of collagen for bones and connective tissue; for healthy nails, skin, and hair; … It is needed to maintain flexible arteries, and plays a major role in preventing cardiovascular disease.” (p.32 )
Degeneration can be caused by free radical damage, which then weakens the very structure of the body, leading to the visible signs of ageing. “Silicon inhibits the ageing process in tissues. Silicon levels decrease with ageing, so elderly people need larger amounts.” (p.32 )
In assisting the body to deal with the process of ageing, silicon provides foundational support not only for nails, skin and hair; but also for bones and joints, teeth and gums, and muscles and connective tissue.
“A very preliminary animal study suggests that it might have some positive impact on atherosclerosis (plaque buildup that blocks the arteries).” “Most of the silicon in the body is found in connective tissues, such as in bone, tendons, the trachea, the aorta, skin, hair and nails.” (p.424 )
In his book, “The Chemistry of Man”, Dr Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. reported on his observed experiences with many of his patients who took supplemental silicon. Because this is not substantiated by scientific research, it is considered to be “anecdotal”; however, his vast experience as a health practitioner is worth considering.
“ Silicon is responsible for making muscles firmer, hair more luxuriant and shiny. It reinforces all membranes, ligamentous tissue, arterial walls, throat walls, inner and outer organ linings, uterine lining, walls of the digestive tract, spinal and cerebral dura mater, nails and skin. It has a vital influence on the nervous system, the brain and the sexual system.” (p. 315 )
Dr Jensen diagnosed many conditions due to silicon deficiency, e.g. “Gout is intensified by silicon shortage.” (p.320 )


The richest sources of silicon are in cereal products and unrefined grains of high fibre content. Most of the silicon is contained in the husks and hulls, unfortunately, modern refining and milling processes tend to remove most of the silicon content. Silicon is also in bananas, alfalfa, beets, brown rice, soybeans, and leafy green vegetables; however animal foods are low in silicon. (p.504 )
Silicon is most commonly found in the form of silica, which is a compound of silicon and oxygen, also known as silicon dioxide. In dietary literature the terms “silicon” and “silica” are often used interchangeably.


“Most forms of dietary silicon are poorly absorbed; and, most of the silicon food additives are hardly absorbed at all. Furthermore, the mechanisms of silicon absorption are unknown.” (p.424 )
In Cellfood® REPAIR, because silica is in a liquid ionic colloidal form, when the product is taken, about 95% of it is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat and oesophagus, going directly into the bloodstream. This is very significant, compared to the absorption levels of other forms of silica supplementation: tablets (up to 25%) and gel caps (up to 30%). (p.1666 )
There is growing research to show the advantages of taking sublingual preparations that are rapidly and effectively absorbed, thereby bypassing the gastrointestinal tract: “The high vascularity of the sublingual mucosa facilitates rapid absorption directly into the venous circulation through the sublingual and frenular veins, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, the hepatic portal circulation, and hepatic first-pass metabolism.” (pp. 398-403 )
Furthermore, because the body identifies this colloidal liquid to be similar to body fluids (such as blood or lymph), it is totally assimilated by the cells of the body that require it. (p.4 ). Preliminary studies in Dark Field Microscopy (the analysis of live-blood samples) have demonstrated this within minutes after taking the product.

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