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(Because Mrs X is, unbeknown to her husband, giving him Cellfood, we have withheld her personal details)

“ I have Retinitis Pigmentosa and have been totally blind now for 45 years, seeing only a pitch-black colour day or night. This distressed me terribly and made life most unpleasant; because, before that, I had been able to differentiate between night and day. My daughter introduced me to Cellfood. I started off by taking a small quantity of drops per day. This had no effect whatsoever, apart from making me feel healthier. “I then stepped up the dosage to 40 drops a day, as well as applying the drops in a very diluted form directly into my eyes twice a day. I continued with this treatment for about 8 months.

“I am delighted to inform you that my vision is improving, I can now differentiate between day and night by the light coming into my eyes, at times I am able to make out shadowy formations (unidentifiable as yet). I am delighted not to have permanent black days, and I feel livelier and more positive about life. I have started putting Cellfood into my husband’s drinking water (this is done on the sly as he is very anti anything alternative) as he suffers from Diabetes and the related ulcers on his legs. I am delighted to report that his ulcers are healing, his blood sugar levels have stabilized and he is generally healthier and happier. (His doctor and he still believe that the treatment the doctor is giving him is working) - we know better don’t we!”

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