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Can you use Cellfood and Cellfood SHAPE together?


You can use all our products at the same time as all contain Cellfood plus other natural organic plant materials that make them completely inter-active with each other as well as not clashing with other medications or nutritional supplements. Instead Cellfood allows better absorption of whatever multi-vitamin is being taken simultaneously or medication sometimes allowing you to be able to decrease your medication because you are getting 80-90% absorption at cellular level and in to the bloodstream where it is needed whereas if you take anything in tablet form with the help of Cellfood your body only absorbs 15% and the rest is excreted.


My husband went onto your Cellfood product for 2 months and then went onto the Cellfood SHAPE product for his elevated cholesterol. We eat very little fried food, lots of extra virgin olive oil, lots of grilled fish, fresh fruit, etc, and his cholesterol while on 40 drops of Cellfood SHAPE has escalated higher than when he was on the Vital products such as lecithin and omega 3. Everyone at our pharmacy who sold us the Cellfood SHAPE was raving about how good Cellfood SHAPE was and how well it lowered cholesterol, etc but we haven't seen any improvement at all, actually we have seen a dramatic increase in my husbands cholesterol count. Please advise what could have gone wrong or what is wrong.


There are two types of cholesterol:

1. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) that is heavily laden with cholesterol coming from the liver and is referred to as the damaging cholesterol.

2. High-density lipoprotein (HDL) that absorbs excess cholesterol in the bloodstream and returns it to the liver for further metabolic processing.

There is a ratio between the two, and when the ratio is more in favour of the HDL, e.g. 3 HDL: 2 LDL, then the system is working well and the body is processing cholesterol effectively. It is when the ratio swings in the other direction, i.e. there is more LDL than HDL in the system, that there is the risk of the excessive cholesterol remaining in the arteries etc. and forming clots, or building up plaque that restricts the blood flow. This results in increased blood pressure, and could result in damaging cardiovascular conditions, etc.

So, when someone has cholesterol checked, it is important to have both LDL and HDL tested, and to have someone knowledgeable explain what the ratio is, and the meaning of that person's particular ratio.

Also, what often happens is that when someone takes Cellfood and/or Cellfood SHAPE, the product causes the oxidation of the cholesterol and plaque that had been accumulating in the arteries, veins, organs, etc. This means that the cholesterol starts moving back into the circulatory system for a while, as it is re-circulated to the liver for further metabolic processing. This is a good thing. It is less risky to have cholesterol circulating in the system than to have it accumulating in some artery, vein, organ, etc.

Unfortunately, if someone, at this stage has a "cholesterol" test, it may appear that the person's condition has worsened, because there is more LDL cholesterol in the blood sample. This however is temporary and is usually less of a problem than having excessive cholesterol accumulating in the arteries, organs, etc. When the cholesterol is in circulation, there is the possibility of it being used by the metabolic system; however, when cholesterol accumulates in the system, there is the possibility of heightened blood pressure, clotting, etc.

Cellfood SHAPE is specifically formulated to cause more and more cholesterol to be metabolized into energy - either futile energy (calories burning up while one sleeps) or useful energy (while one is awake and using the energy for activities). So, sometimes, there appears (temporarily) to be more cholesterol in the blood stream while the body is improving its metabolic and circulatory condition.

On the few occasions that someone has complained that Cellfood or Cellfood SHAPE has increased the cholesterol count, we have suggested that they have both LDL and HDL tested, and that they then continue using the product/s for 1 - 2 months before having another test. So far, we have not had a single person return after 2 months of using Cellfood SHAPE with the ratio between the HDL and LDL levels being more "negative" than previously.

Two further considerations in the whole cholesterol issue are:

1. Liquid intake: Often, when a person feels healthier, the person gradually becomes more active; however, the person tends to continue to drink the same amount of liquids as previously (usually because of long entrenched habits of drinking certain amounts of liquid at certain times). Because of this increased level of activity, the person respires, perspires, etc. more, and so becomes dehydrated to some extent. Dehydration affects cholesterol readings. So, it is important when having cholesterol tests to ensure that one is properly hydrated in order to get a more accurate reading.

2. Homocysteine is more important to pay attention to than cholesterol, because an elevated level of homocysteine causes increased LDL cholesterol. One of the main contributors to elevated homocysteine is stress. So, the whole cholesterol issue is very complex, because one can be a vegetarian, eat correctly, exercise regularly, and yet have high LDL cholesterol readings because of one's inability to deal with on-going stress. In these cases Cellfood LONGEVITY is a great product to take, because it has elements such as Vitamin B6 and B12 that are essential for the nervous system, and so assist the person in dealing more effectively with stress.

Finally, if a person takes Cellfood and Cellfood SHAPE for two months and the person's LDL:HDL cholesterol ratio worsens, then I would suggest replacing Cellfood SHAPE with Cellfood LONGEVITY, because the person needs the Vitamin B6 & B12, as well as the other remethylation elements and nucleic acids for replenishing the nervous system; and for reducing homocysteine.

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