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I'm a surfer, and I had very sun damaged skin. I had one skin cancer area removed from my cheek, prior to starting Cellfood. I started taking it about 4 months after the surgery, for another skin related issue.

Cellfood has dramatically improved the quality of my skin. I am still cancer free 3 years later.

Like others, I take it with high alkaline water.

It also seems to speed up wound healing, and prevent infections. I have watched deep wounds from surfing (stitched) heal with no redness, no swelling and no complications. Doctors have commented in astonishment stating "your wound has healed in 2 days as much as most wounds heal in 11 days.", so it seems to be better than antibiotics.

I had a tooth extracted for an implant, and the bone growth in 1.5 months was as much as what the Dentist said he expected in 6 months. Also no swelling and no residual pain. I gargled with Cellfood in a concentrated amount immediately after the extraction, to promote healing. It works.

It has also improved my prostate health with a slightly enlarged prostate gland now completely normal - another example of its anti-inflammatory effect.

Recovery from muscle strain is quick. Injury inflammation nil. Nil!!!

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