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Can Cellfood SKINCARE be used as a daily skincare product for the face and how would it benefit me?


Our product Cellfood SKINCARE can definitely help with skin problems, wrinkles, acne, blemishes and stretch marks. Most scarring and premature ageing is due to a lack of oxygen at cellular level as all disease and problems occur only in an anaerobic environment.

Cellfood® SKINCARE contains Cellfood as well as the following ingredients:

Purified water, Aloe Vera, Cellfood® Proprietary Blend, Lavender Blossom Extract, Glycerine, Polysaccharide Gums and Dehydroacetic Acid.

Cellfood Skincare is Paraben-free and completely non-toxic.

Contains no alcohol, oils, yeast, glucose or animal products; is fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic.

Using it together with any other facial product should not be a problem at all - it contains no perfumes or anything artificial and therefore will not react chemically when used with other facial skin care products. I am therefore quite sure that the itching you are experiencing on your face is definitely not from the Cellfood SKINCARE. For best results however we would recommend that you place a thick layer of the gel on your face before you go to bed in order for the oxygenation and best absorption of the other ingredients by the skin over the 8-hour period you sleep. You should then wash it off in the mornings and can put your normal day moisturizer on. We generally only recommend adding 1 drop of Cellfood to the gel when it is being used for wound or blemish treatments or scarring, but for normal skin applications it can be used alone.

I must also tell you that we have had numerous verbal testimonials on how this product (applied as a thick layer at night before bed as a night cream or as a thin layer in the morning under your regular foundation make-up) has assisted people with skin problems. One customer in Cape Town said she even added a few drops of Cellfood to water and added it to her regular face-wash and together with the Cellfood SKINCARE has helped clear her acne. Another lady in Somerset West reported that Cellfood SKINCARE took her dark spots on her face away as well as healing of scar tissue.

By using Cellfood SKINCARE for your skin as a topical treatment (just external) and then taking Cellfood (as an internal treatment) you are doubling the strength of the product and the chances of it clearing your skin in double time. You can also mix just 2 drops of Cellfood into the Cellfood SKINCARE once squeezed into the palm of your hand and then mix with your finger before applying to your face.


Which of your products would best deal with my daughter’s serious leg wound that won’t heal?


Thanks for your telephonic enquiry this morning regarding which of our products would deal best with a leg wound as serious as your daughter's.

To reiterate what I said, it is definitely going to be most beneficial to add a few drops of Cellfood to the Cellfood SKINCARE mixture before applying it to the wounds - clearly the more oxygen in the mixture the better healing you can expect. If taking Cellfood orally, this means the system is being attacked from both the inside and the outside which should certainly speed up the healing period. You can also use Cellskin Bath either in a bath for her, or simply added to a bucket of warm water in which she should soak her leg - should you note any bubbles in the water coming out of the wound, it is merely a sign of the oxygenation taking place in the damaged cells of the leg.

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