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Elias Gedion Tshikovhi

Tel : 060 815-8940 / 078 433-3609

I greatly appreciate the opportunity of giving my impressions - to bear my testimony to share with you the miracle contained you're your Cellfood product. My fundamental impression of Oxygen For Life I can give you in words which most of you know from your products. 15 years back my sister suffered the greater tragedy of HIV related disease where doctors gave her 2 weeks to live. Nobody told me about Cellfood Oxygen For Life. I just entered Rosslyn Health shop where they recommended for me Cellfood Oxygen For Life. I then mixed it with 300ml of spring water to give my sister to drink. In just two weeks my sister was alive and well and still is today. Since then I have confined my remarks to the Cellfood product every time when family and friends are in a critical situation with any disease. I am the first to be asked for help. I usually recommend Cellfood product to them.

At present I am actually a Cellfood ambassador. I have already help many women with skin problems recommending they use Cellfood Skincare. They now don't use makeup anymore, their skin is now pure and natural.

I wish to make another point which I consider a wise exercise for the future. Your product is a matter of the greatest importance, which rest in my own hands. Many people survive on life support systems so if you`ve been blessed the gift of life, let Oxygen for Life SA (Pty) Ltd open its own health shop around the country. If business does not come your way you need to create it. Your qualities tell you a lot about your product and the most important is how the people make you feel and look after the people who support you.

Elias Gedion Tshikovhi are self-employed entrepreneurs : Distributing sport clothing and approval around South Africa

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I have attached my photo that was taken at the end of October. It is a unedited photo. I'm 53 and using the Cellfood gel as my only day and night cream. What I love about it, is that it leaves my skin feeling very soft and that it is absorbed totally with no effect on my make up. Normally creams will make your mascara smudge throughout the day. I love the product and the effect that it has on my skin! Karin Harris from Dischem Potch.



It was about 2 months ago when I got hit by accident and my right eye was completely bruised and swollen. I could not go to work because not only was it swollen ,but it was purple as well. As my only resort I went to Dis-Chem to ask the consultant if they don't have a product that can heal me in a week. We looked through some products and then Thato introduced me to Cellfood. In 2 days I could see that my eye was improving and the purple started vanishing bit by bit as well as the swelling. In a week I was starting to look like myself again. It took my face approximately 1 week and 2 days to heal. I still use it everyday now as a night cream and I would recommend Cellfood to anyone. My skin is so beautiful and I just look so great. Thank you so much.


Shireen Green

I can't stop looking in the mirror and can't believe how skincare has transformed my skin! What I love about skincare is that it doesn't take a lot of drama, just 1 simple application and it's off to dreamland! This is major to me, because I've suffered with rosacea for over 20 years! Have used so many products over the years and believe me when I say that absolutely nothing has ever done what skincare has done for my skin! Rosacea is a progressive skin disorder! I am using skincare in conjunction with my daily skincare regime! I've been using skincare for almost a month now and within the 1st week I could notice a very visible difference and in less than a month a total transformation! Since I've started using the Cellfood range, I've made it my life's mission to spread the message to as many people about this awesomely, amazing health wonder! As an internationally accredited holistic health practitioner, I feel most honored to be associated with this internationally acclaimed product!

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