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A long-term, double-blind research project with 45 athletes during 2000 and 2001, conducted at the University of Pretoria’s Sports Institute, compared the efficacy of Cellfood SPORT to a placebo, and reported:

• Increased oxygen intake by the body (VO2 max increased up to 6.2%);
• Increased energy delivery to working muscles (Haemoglobin oxygen saturation increased up to 9.6%); and
• Delayed onset of fatigue; and reduced muscular cramps and recovery time (Lactic acid accumulation decreased up to 17.2%).

VO2 max: According to the researchers, VO2 max is the most well-known measurement for oxygen intake, and is genetically determined, with exercise and diet having little influence on increasing it.

Therefore, the researchers were amazed at how Cellfood® SPORT increased VO2 max by 6.2% and reported that they had never seen this occur with any other product tested at the Institute.

Lactic Acid Accumulation: Furthermore, the 17.2% reduction in lactic acid accumulation was also considered to be very significant, and important for improving the performance of athletes, and reducing muscles cramps and recovery time.

This research showed clearly that the ingredients in Cellfood® SPORT increase the oxygen saturation in the bloodstream, resulting in significant energizing and cleansing effects, both of which are essential for improving performance and endurance, and for reducing lactic acid build-up and recovery time. (These findings are confirmed in other studies – see & ).

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