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More and more amateur and professional sports people are making use of Cellfood and SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Sport) to reach their competitive optimal performance.

Some top sports people, who have been using Cellfood on a regular basis, achieving great results, and breaking records have given us permission to mention them by name:- Daniel Radebe: 1999 - fastest RSA short distance marathon runner. During 1999, Daniel represented South Africa in Australia and Germany. Upon his return, he excitedly told us how Cellfood had helped him to win many marathons.

Gareth Tennant: 1999 - Professional lifesaver. In 1999, he paddle skied alone from Durban to Cape Town to raise funds for shark victims. He reported in the media that without Cellfood he would not have completed the gruelling trip. Cellfood also helped him to recover quickly at every stage of his incredible journey. He did completed the 1,650 km journey in 47 days, and has applied to the Guinness Book of Records for an entry.

Louwrens Rosslee: 2001 - No. 1 RSA body-builder and power-lifter, who received a special award from President Mandela. On Cellfood, he is power-lifting more weight than ever before. At the 2001 World Power-lifting Competition, Louwrens ranked in the world Top Ten Power-lifters. He broke the records of both South Africa and the whole of Africa.

Grenville Scullard: RSA fastest track cyclist, who had 3 National records when he started taking Cellfood. Shortly thereafter, he broke his own 3 National records, and broke another 3 National records. In September 1999, Grenville represented RSA in Europe, and broke the 1,000 metre world record, which stood at 1,075 minutes. Grenville won the event in 1,073 minutes. Grenville says that Cellfood has, without a doubt, helped him enormously. "I am a Cellfood® fanatic and I know that the product has been instrumental in my success". During 2003 RSA Provincial and National Track Cycling Championships, Grenville won an amazing total of 10 GOLD MEDALS. His wife, Diane, was the next highest champion with 5 GOLD MEDALS and 2 Silver Medals.


Four Great Cellfood Products

I was introduced to Cellfood Sport five years ago by my mother, who takes interest in my sporting hobbies and who had seen the product on a Dis-Chem shelf, having been curious about its possible impact on her athlete son. Because of my skeptical nature, I only used it intermittently before some races when I remembered to take it. I didn't experience any changes, probably because I normally took it more than two hours before the race started.

But then my current running buddy (and rep for Cellfood), Mariette, came along and everything changed for the better! I started using both Cellfood and Cellfood Sport regularly. Almost immediately I experienced fairly dramatic improvements on my normal race times! My 10km time had gone from 55:00 to 47:00, my 21km from 2:00 to 1:47 and my 42km from 4:30 to 4:13! And ever since my times have been improving steadily! My last half marathon and marathon races I clocked in on 1:41 and 3:37 respectively. I'm looking forward to earn my 3rd Comrades medal this year (2014), cutting 30 to 40 minutes from my previous best time of 10:08, if all goes according to plan. I have completed my 10th Argus this year and I have also broadened my horizons recently by adding mountain biking and trail running to my cycling, running and triathlon activities.

Another great aspect of these products for the prospective runner/cyclist is the impact they seem to have on one's immune system. I have noticed that my tendency to catch a cold or flu during the peak of my training cycle (when immune levels apparently are lowered due to the harsh impact of the rigorous training on the body), has changed for the better. On top of that, the recovery time when the bug did manage to get the better of me one time, seems to have shortened.

I am also most impressed with two other Cellfood products - Cellfood Skincare and Cellskin Lips. I have always struggled with a dry facial skin as well as with chapped lips, both aggravated by the cold, dry air of winter. After my daily morning shower, I literally have to scrub off the flakes of dry skin visible on my face (using a clean sock) and then apply an aloe gel to help me make it through the day. The soothing feeling I am left with at night after applying Cellfood Skincare is truly amazing. I have tried several lip balm products for my chapped lips, but have always been annoyed with a thickening of my lip skin when using these. Fortunately this problem has been solved since I've started using Cellskin Lips, as my lips now heal quickly and stay in great shape as long as I use it!

I shall remain a loyal supporter of these four great products as they enhance the quality of my life on a daily basis and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anybody I come across!

Johann Cloete Email:


Mariette het laas jaar Desember die Cellfood aan my voorgestel en verduidelik en ek het dit toe begin gebruik. Ek gebruik die "normale" of "elke dag" een daagliks en dan die "sport" soos wanneer ek harloop. Ek het nie jare se resultate om dit te vergelyk nie, maar voel tog beter vandat ek dit gebruik. Ek reis ook nogals baie vir werk en wanneer ek twee weke oorsee is met baie vlugte, word ek gereeld siek met een of ander kiem of sommer net omdat ek moeg is en my stelsel bietjie af is. Wanneer ek nou reis, maak ek seker om Cellfood in die oggend en aand te neem en ek het nog nie weer 'n erge griep of verkoue gehad nie!

Ek sal dit aan enige iemand aanbeveel en bly 'n getroue ondersteuner!

Rudi King

Rudi King Email:


I have only been running for 3.5 years. In the beginning I really struggled. I work at Unitas hospital as a night duty radiographer, which means that I sleep extremely irregular hours and sometimes not at all. It also means that I am exposed to a whole lot more germs and sick people than normal runners. And to top it off I have a 2yr old in creche as well.

Mariette Eksteen introduced us to Cellfood at our running club, Pierre v Ryneveld. I love the detox action of Cellfood. If you stop drinking it regularly and start to take it again, you actually feel your body detoxing. I especially feel this after weekends when we don't always eat or drink as healthily.

The Cellfood Sport really impressed me. I used to feel that my chest is tight when starting my run - almost like asthma. When taking Cellfood Sport, this feeling lasts no longer than half a kilometer. My chest opens up faster and I actually feel like a can breathe better, as if I take in a lot more oxygen.

I also sweat a lot, which I never really do, so my entire body gets cleansed during a run! I have been doing a lot more kilometers since last year, and have improved my times on my long runs (50km's) this year with 20mins! This is with every long run!!

I have also noticed that if I do get a cold, it doesn't last that long. I had major flu on Monday, with a sore throat, coughing and sinus everywhere. It's Wednesday and I am completely germ free. My secret: Cellfood: morning and night! And Vit C. No doctors, and no anti-biotics: I am allergic anyway!

I love the product a lot! It's affordable, easy to use and I believe it boosts your immune system and "enhances" your performance by increasing oxygen intake. I recommend it to all athletes and parents. Because face it: We need all the help we can get!

Janeane Potgieter


Conrad Watt

In 2012 I exceeded my expectations when I ran a great time (for me) of 8h49min for comrades! It was only my 2nd comrades and did not expect anything close to that! In 2013 I could not beat that and was not disappointed but knew I could do better with a time of 9h33min! I could also not reach my desired half marathon and marathon times!

After 2013 Comrades Mariette introduced me to Cellfood. I was skeptical, because reading the insert it seemed too good to be true but I wanted to move forward and gave it a try. After the first week I thought that this was too good to be true and did not feel a difference, but as the days went on I felt that my energy levels picked up as well as my health improved. I started training 5 to 6 days a week, where as in the past 4 days was my maximum! I had renewed strength and was ready to improve my times. Working at a hospital also takes strain on your health and I got sick a lot which was not good for my training. After using Cellfood I could feel my immune system being much stronger. Even if I did catch a bug, I could feel the medication working much faster.

My half marathon time improved by 5min and my marathon time by 4min! This might not seem a lot but it was both on very challenging courses. After Mariette introduced Cellfood Sport I used it before and after running, especially before quality workout like time traals it gave me that extra boost. After my run it helped me with stiff muscles and got me back on the road as soon as a day after a marathon!

I'm certainly taking it to comrades this year and later in July I'm going after one of my big dreams - the Washie 100 miler! Cellfood has made it possible for me to keep to a very tiring training schedule.

Thank you Mariette for introducing me to Cellfood. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone!

Conrad Watt


* Personal bests:

4km:   14min 15sec
8km:   30min 58sec
Half marathon:   1h 26min
Marathon:   3h13min
50km:   4h08min


WILLIAM JAMES - Country Wide Medals Race at Stonehaven on Vaal - 22 June 2014

On the 22 June I raced in the Country Wide Medals race hosted at Stonehaven on Vaal.

It's a relatively short race (60km) with only a few brave cyclists willing to bare the cold. I'm sure you must have seen the Tweets going out as well as my Facebook comment after the race as I won the race!

Stonehave on Vaal results are here:

Attached is the same photo that I placed on both the Twitter feed as well as the Facebook messages.

Thank you once again to Cellfood Oxygen for Life for keeping me on top of my game!!

Kind Regards

William James



WILLIAM JAMES - Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Momentum Cycle Tour 2014

I managed 2h:58m. Not what I had hoped for, but, considering the weather on the day, I suppose it wasn't too bad. It was said on the day by the commentators that this year's race was on average around 20 mins slower than the previous year because of the wind. At least I'm one of only 485 riders out of 35 000 that managed a sub 3hour race.

Thank you to Cellfood Oxygen for Life for their continued support within my cycling career. You guys are amazing!! I love my cycling!



WILLIAM JAMES - Powerade Christmas Cycle Challenge 2013

Results of the Powerade Christmas Cycle Challenge 2013 here:

Attached please find the results of my latest race. 3rd PLACE!!! There was literally inches between us. The race was held at Stonehaven on Vaal and was called the Powerade Christmas Cycle Challenge. This was a short race of 60km which stretched from Stonehaven out 30km and return the same route. Unfortunately there wasn’t any photographers at this race however also attached is a quick snapshot of myself taken with a cell phone.


WILLIAM JAMES - Momentum 94.7 cycle race 2013

The complete article is available at this link:





We at Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd are proud to be associated with William James. William is a South African Licenced rider which allows him to compete, not only in all organised events, but also in all SA sanctioned events together with national events which produce a national seeding status. This places him in the category whereby dope testing is randomly conducted at certain events on randomly selected riders.

At present this sport is being reflected in a bad light as a result of all the doping scandals that sponsors have been involved in. William is, however, happy to take Cellfood as it does not contain any of the banned substances listed by The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). He is extremely proud to say, that despite never having been selected for testing, he is from the old school and is happy to remain on the straight and narrow path, having never used any banned substances.

William is also registered with Championship (Number 8DZS2W7) as well as Racetech (Number RAC90974) for timed events. These are the two major organisations who conduct the relevant chip timing at most events hosted nationally.

William James told us "My dad Willie James was a professional cyclist for most of his life and when I took on the cycling sport, we decided that we will cycle the 94.7 race in 2013 as we had never cycled this race together. Sadly, my father passed away last year November and hence I will still ride the 94.7 this year in his honour and memory." (See photo of Mr Willie James)

It is for this reason that William James will be participating in this year's 94.7 wearing specially designed kit in memory of his dad.


We salute you William and we will follow your progress throughout the 94.7 race with great interest. This will no doubt be a very emotional race day for you.

Past events on William's racing calendar:

17 August - Powerade Lost City Classic for CANSA - 115km

31 August - Fountains Cycle Race 105km

22 September - BestMed Campus2Campus Super Classic 95km

9 March - Cape Argus 109km

Some of William's recent races and results are:

Carnival City Macsteel Classic - Completed the distance of 65km in 1h:55m:45s and placed 12th out of 101 group riders

Emperors Palace Classic - Completed the distance of 105km in 2h:52m:06s and placed 16th out of 261 group riders.

Rand Water Race For Victory

William unfortunately hit a small rock in the road which punctured both his wheels. Luckily a good Samaritan from another group stopped and gave him a spare tube.

Despite this he completed the race in 3h:33m (110km) which was 20min after the leaders.

Go West Cycle Challenge - William managed a time of 3h:06m over the distance which placed him in 15th position for his first VA race (There were 41 VA riders in total)

Amashova - William managed a time of 2h:45m over the 106km distance.

Pictures below of William going up 1000 Hills and his sprint to the finish line.




Runner - Bongani Bashe   -        Tel:  041 391 2758

Good Day Fiona and Team.

Compliments of the new year and may 2013 be the Year to Dream and Achieve. I have returned from the Vacation Leave this past Monday.

This is a courtesy follow up/ update to the last message I sent to you in December.

"I have successfully completed the Marathon on the 16th December 2012. It was a 42,2km standard marathon. I have managed to complete the distance in 3HR26Min. 4 minutes faster than my target as per email below. I would like to Testify that the Cell food product is really doing wonders for me. This is evident on my ability to train twice per day in the morning and evenings. This is something challenging for someone who has a demanding job. I stand all day long facilitating training sessions. Sometimes having to drive 3-4 hours and putting on my running gear after that has since been a habit. Last Tuesday I have manage to drive from East London to Port Elizabeth, 330km distance and there after I ran a 15km IN 1HOUR 05 MINUTES. Cell food is good to assist my body to recover well after each workout and this gets me ready for the next one."

There are 2 major long distance races facing me ahead, see details below. I am currently training and preparing for these events through courage and determination. I do not doubt that with your assistance and the Oxygen For Life products, I will surprise myself with how much I can do.

You all have a good day.

Kind regards.

Bongani Bashe


Good Day Fiona

I am sorry to respond this late on your emails. I have been delivering training out of town in remote areas here in the eastern cape with limited access to e-mail. I am doing very well and the training is building up progressively well at this stage.

Since I received the sponsor from you, I was preparing for the Soweto Marathon. I got sick 2 weeks before the race with really terrible cold and I had to pull-off, I HAVE SINCE RECOVERED. I have a Marathon here in the Eastern Cape in Umtata on the 16th December and my aim is to run a 3HR30min Marathon. These are all the Preparations for the Two-Oceans and Comrades.

Here with my Plan

1. Marathon 42,2KM distance, 16th December : aiming for 3hr30min
2. Marathon 42,2km distance 26th January: aiming for a 3hr00min
3. Marathon 42,2km distance 23 February: aiming for a 2hr50 min
4. 30th March: 56 KM Distance aiming for a 3hr55min: TWO OCEAN MARATHON.

Fiona, with all the assistance you gave me, I believe to see some progress through consistent training.

Thanks once again for the support. I really need it.


Edward Greene - Professional cyclist E-mail:


Below is my testimonial:

Ask any Elite Athlete and they will tell you health is the basis for high performance. Being healthy and energized is the fundamental foundation for training and competing. As an athlete you quickly learn that you cannot make a sick, tired or unhealthy body any stronger; all you can do is make it worse. I believe in doing the basics right: adequate sleep, good diet and good supplements. Cellfood is a supplement I first adopted when I contracted Glandular Fever in 2010. I used it to rebuild and keep my immune system strong as I made the transition back into training and, as the saying goes, I have never looked back. I still use it today to ensure I remain healthy and strong so I can train and compete on a high level. During competition, I also take Cellfood Sport to boost my performance. Using both Cellfood supplements, I find myself highly energised and able to push even harder in training and racing to reach better results. In elite sport where it is all about the sum of marginal gains, Cellfood is a fundamental part of my daily return and preparation.


Mo Lowery - Tel : 082 308-1575

Hi there,

An update from me. I'm 67 now & still on Cellfood! Just finished my second 94.7 cycle challenge & feeling great. When I have blood taken to check my thyroid the sister always remarks on the bright red colour of my blood & I tell her it is Cellfood. I cannot go without it; I can feel when I am off it how sluggish & prone to infections I become, the minute I go back on all the ills seem to disappear. Miracle in a bottle! LOVE IT!


Dear Dr Oxygen

Just to let you know that I finished the 94.7 race!

It was an extreme race!   The heat & rolling hills, no flat surface riding. The guys measured 43 deg hottest & 31 deg coolest on their heart rate monitors. The garmin said we did 1,194 m ascent.

I did it in 6hrs 13min & some secs.   I will never again do it on my mountain bike!

It was far more extreme than I anticipated. Thank goodness for Cellfood.  I have converted my cycling son to Cellfood as well.  He came from Cape Town to ride with me & I did his water bottle for him.  He was very impressed with how he felt on the Cellfood.  He runs & cycles just about all the races in & around Cape Town.

You will find the race results on Racetec & the photos on

Thank you very much for the Cellfood & Cellfood sport this is what helped me to do it!

Most appreciated,

Maureen Lowery
082 308-1575.

PS Dr Oxygen says:    
"Congratulations, we are very proud of your achievement at 64 years of age!
Shows you, today's 60's is yesterday's 40's


Cellfood for thought.

36 feet of seething, foaming water closed in on me! I was positioned at the exact spot this monster’s long journey across the ocean would end! How the meeting would go down, depended entirely upon adequate preparation. In these situations, my only defence is precise and powerful response as I call on my body to provide every ounce of energy possible. Failure of any kind would prove disastrous.

My name is Robin and I enjoy bodysurfing really large waves. The experience of skidding down the face of a vertical wall of water is one that can only be felt, never fully described. In order to attain a satisfactory level of fitness, I need to train consistently for a sustained period of at least six weeks. At age 45, this is proving to be more and more of a challenge, as injuries, sickness, or just plain fatigue keeps me from my routine.

It is for this reason that I need to thank my friend and nutritionist, Lee McQueen, for introducing me to Cellfood. This product comes with a mile long pedigree (I mean 2xA4 pages of fine print) and really makes a natural difference. Ongoing energy, resistance to minor ailments or illnesses and recovery from small injuries are once again the norm in my life. No nonsense, no chemicals, just a simple formula that my body has been able to identify with and utilise for the purpose I require.

Why and how exactly Cellfood works, I cannot say. What I do know is that since beginning the daily consumption of Cellfood just over two months ago, I feel younger and stronger as my energy levels are better sustained. This has helped me get back to doing what I love most, at the level I choose to perform it.

Perhaps in August this year I might even end up at the World Bodysurfing Champs in California. As for a medal; who cares! I just want to bodysurf their waves

Hope this helps someone else as much as Cellfood has helped me.

Robin Möhr

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