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Occasionally, people contact us to report that Cellfood makes their teeth feel sensitive, or is damaging their teeth. The manufacturers of Cellfood have no cases of this happening in America, Japan and Korea, where thousands of people are using Cellfood daily. Cellfood has been used by people in America since 1956 with no detrimental effects. We possibly have a unique problem in South Africa regarding the deficiency of calcium in our local diets.

When discussing this phenomenon with a dentist, he pointed out that we cannot even do research by soaking extracted teeth in a solution of Cellfood because a "dead" tooth reacts very differently from a "live" tooth. Besides, the amount of Cellfood that one would take (e.g. 12 drops in 100 ml of water) is in such a weak solution, that it is unlikely that it could have any detrimental effect on the teeth. Furthermore, tests with litmus paper have shown that, although Cellfood Concentrate has a pH of 0.3, the pH of the mouth normalises, within seconds, to about 7.0 due to enzymatic action.

If you have a problem with your teeth, when you take Cellfood, avoid "swilling" it around in your mouth because this could result in it making contact with your teeth. If you simply drink the water (containing the Cellfood), it will not make any contact with your teeth. You can use a straw to ensure that the liquid only goes down your throat.

Because Cellfood is colloidal and negatively-charged, it is not necessary to keep it in your mouth for any period of time. As you drink the water containing Cellfood, it is immediately drawn into your system (which is positively charged) via the sensitive tissues at the back of your throat and down your oesophagus as you swallow. This process is sufficient for effective absorption. Furthermore, after drinking Cellfood, you can rinse your mouth out with half a glass of filtered water, or swill the water around in your mouth and drink it to ensure that nothing remains on your teeth. You can also immediately brush your teeth, as long as you only use a herbal toothpaste.

If you still have a problem with your teeth, then you probably have a chronic calcium deficiency, which Cellfood is highlighting (and not causing). Please then consult with a qualified nutritionist who can conduct some tests and boost your calcium intake.

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