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TESTED BY: Institute of Biotechnology & IT
197, Mudia Ahmadnagar
Barcilly – 243122
UP, India
DIRECTOR: Dr Anant Rai PhD  
TESTED FOR: Mr Amit Srimal
Murti Exports (India)
A-125, First Floor
Group Industrial Area
New Delhi – 110052
Tel No: 09811130139
DATE: 21 December 2012  



Tests Conducted
on 3 Puppies in
every instance.


Lymphocyde Stimulation

Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd’s Comments of Results


Pups vaccinated with canine parvoDNAvaccine and Cell-Pet®

SN Antibody Titer 1024


Tremendous result - A high titer count reveals a high level of immunity to disease.

Clear evidence that Cell-Pet® has successfully increased the Antibodies.

NOTE: A titer is a blood test that measures the amount of antibodies that develop after a vaccine is given or after exposure to a disease. It indicates whether the dog has enough protection against the disease.


Pups vaccinated with canine parvoDNAvaccine
NO Cell-Pet®

SN Antibody Titer 512


A low titer count indicates that the dog is still susceptible to disease.


Pups without vaccination and NO Cell-Pet® (Control)

SN Antibody Titer < 4


Such a very low titer count indicates that the dog is still very susceptible to disease. Vaccination with parvoDNAvaccine has definitely been beneficial for the dog due to the significant increase in the Antibody count.


Medium sized dogs with disease condition with dull and ruffled hair. Given Cell-Pet®

Appearance improved and hair became shiny


Cell-Pet® improves the general health of dogs whilst strengthening their immune systems


Medium sized dogs with liver problems

Liver problem persisted


No Comment.


Medium sized dogs with liver problems

Liver function reverted to normal


Cell-Pet® is a colloidal mineral and nutritional supplement, including sulphur which is used by the liver eliminate a wide range of toxins from the body.

Being colloidal, the body’s cells are able to assimilate the ingredients contained in Cell-Pet® more easily. It is the absorption and assimilation of the minerals into the cells that is important, not the quantity of minerals contained in the diet, many of which are not absorbable by the cells of the body.   

Dr Anant Rai PhD summary of results:

  1. Cell-Pet® enhanced the humoral as well as the cell mediated immunity in dogs. Humoral immunity is so named because it involves substances found in the humours, or body fluids. Response from Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd: Cell-Pet® supplies Pets with essential elements and minerals that are required for proper composition of bodily fluids, maintenance of healthy nerve functioning, and formation of blood and bone cells.

    Cell-Pet® Minerals are in physical colloidal form. Colloidal particles are minute and negatively-charged. Because most bodily fluids (like blood and lymph) are colloidal, Pet’s bodily systems perceive Cell-Pet® as normal healthy body fluid, and allow these micro-nutrients to pass immediately through the sensitive tissues of the Pet’s mouth, throat, oesophagus and the stomach, into the blood stream. They are then transported to all parts of the Pet, at cellular level.
  2. Cell-Pet® restored the liver functions to normal.
  3. The diseased dogs with ruffled hair recovered and their hair became shining resulting in an improvement in their appearance.


  1. No hazardous compounds/chemicals found.
  2. Cell-Pet® is a natural plant based product.

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