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Managers and greens keepers alike enjoy the benefits of an OPEN ALL maintained golf course experiencing a water use reduction of up to 50% as well as a drastic reduction in the total fertilizer requirement while at the same time improving the appearance and quality of greens and fairways! Regenerate the soil with OPEN ALL soil structure and conditioner in preparation for our organic fertilizer application and experience lush greens and fairways without using damaging chemical fertilizers.


OPEN ALL treatment improves soil structure by eliminating alkali top crust, reducing compacted heavy use areas, and reviving dead or malnourished greens. Treatment affects soil structure or groups of soil particles. Soil structure has an important influence on plant growth as it affect moisture relationships, aeration, heat transfer, and mechanical impedance of root growth. Good seedbed preparation is related to moisture and heat transfer which are important in seed germination. A good porous structure is needed for water infiltration and air exchanges between atmosphere and the soil, and microorganism activity for nutrient generation. OPEN ALL treatments provide solutions to all of these conditions without mechanical rupturing of the soil, even in hard compact areas. An OPEN ALL treatment after seedbed preparation by mechanical means will ensure continued green and fairway aeration for longer periods.


Water is a specialized universal solvent that performs multiple functions with results that cannot be provided by any other solvent media. Water carries nutrients to the plant roots by capillary action. It is necessary to maintain conditions for proper aeration for microbial and other plant and animal life in soil. Water has a pronounced effect on all environmental soil conditions. However, proper space in soil is necessary for water penetration and to maintain an active capillary state. OPEN ALL provides the proper conditions for water penetration and regenerates the correct spacing for increased water retention. This is the basis for both water and nutrient conservation in highly active soils where rapid growth is required for outer appearance.


OPEN ALL provides nitrogen fixation (nitrogen combined with hydrogen or oxygen forming ammonia or nitrate). Nitrogen compounds comprise 40-50% of the dry matter of protoplasm (the living substance of plant cells). Nitrogen does not exist in soil in a natural mineral form like other plant nutrients. Nitrogen must come from the air. OPEN ALL not only releases nutrients bound in the soil, but also provides aeration within the soil structure. An abundant supply of nitrogen results in dark green foliage and active vegetative growth. If soils contains the proper nitrogen content, plants become more resistant to disease, infection, and injury. If a rich, heavy carpet of grass or strong vigorous plants are desired, a generous amount of nitrogen is required. Nitrogen, in organic form, continues maintains effectiveness over a long period of time. OPEN ALL helps to convert nitrogen into NITRATES, phosphorous into PHOSPHATE, and sulfur into SULFATE FORMS.


OPEN ALL is the key to soil pH normalization and pH is the key to enabling plants to consume fertilizers and nutrients. pH is a numerical measurement of the acidity (sour) or alkalinity (sweet) level of the soil. A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral, or a balanced condition. When the pH is at the proper level, available nourishment in the soil is unlocked, giving the plant the necessary vitality to grow, produce, multiply and resist disease. If the pH is too high or too low, the potential nourishment is locked-out and fertilizer applications are wasted. Most plants thrive when the pH soil condition ranges between 5.8 and 6.6; a shade below neutral on the acid side. OPEN ALL is absolutely essential in soils with high pH. These soils normally have a host of problems including alkali, hardpan, clay, top crust, and a build-up of herbicides. The most cost effective method to eliminate these problems is OPEN ALL. OPEN ALL will neutralize pH; whether it is on the alkaline or acid side. To ensure the proper pH level is maintained, the OPEN ALL treatment should be completed prior to adding fertilizers and nutrients.


OPEN ALL is an excellent treatment for odors caused by insecticides and disinfectants. It will not react with or interfere with the actual insecticide ingredient and, therefore, will not change the efficacy of the insecticide. OPEN ALL does not mask the odor, it dissolves and neutralizes volatile odors. Use OPEN ALL to improve the golf course environment and improve your golfing experience. NOTE: when applying OPEN ALL prior to pesticides or insecticides, use the insecticides sparingly as OPEN ALL will have made many corrections in the soil profile already and the need for pesticides will have been greatly reduced.


Traffic patterns cause soil compaction to occur where golfers have repeatedly walked over the same area and where golf carts leave the cart paths. This causes the soil to harden and kills the grass in these areas. Because of the unique ability that OPEN ALL has to maintain moisture and proper aeration spacing, the soil is able to continue receiving nourishment and stay green and healthy.


Another concern for golfers is how the ball will react when coming into contact with the ground. This is especially important on and around the green areas. OPEN ALL treated greens are able to maintain firmness and trueness without having to "kill" the soil in an attempt to keep the greens hard and fast.


As greens keepers around the world know, green replacement every few years is inevitable... or is it? OPEN ALL treated greens can be saved from replacement! Many greens need replacing after several years due to extensive use by golfers and the need to maintain the grass short, green, and lush. In many instances, harsh chemical fertilizers are used which can cause dense formations of sand and soil particles and clog the percolation pathways. OPEN ALL treated greens have not experienced this problem due to the ability to create the correct aeration pathways, as well as increasing water retention and nutrient utilization. Water is able to deeply penetrate supplying needed oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide from the air, greatly improving plant growth stimulation. OPEN ALL® is the most cost effective way to avoid green replacement.


While the use of harmful chemical fertilizers is diminishing, those that continue the use may be needlessly adding salt to the soil and further damaging the soil by creating an alkali state. This negative effect may even be accelerated if the irrigation water is high in mineral content. The use of organic fertilizers has become more common, increasing plant stimulation without damaging the soil. Additionally, if the soil has been treated previously with OPEN ALL, the fertilizer requirements are dramatically reduced due to the normalized soil pH.
Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in the production of organic food and fiber.

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