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Kristen Lauter, New Jersey, USA -

Update 4 May 2017

I used to sell Cellfood but recently found a small wart under my toe. I had felt it for about a month without actually taking the time to see what it was. I saw your post and recalled years ago my daughter's friend tried ours for her own warts all on her hand. Hers had vanished within a month just putting it on topically. Mine went half the size overnight! All i did was put Cellfood on the wart and on the bandaid.

It's definitely going away. Flattening out. Only after a few days. So thanks for the reminder!

Former business: Holistic Healers Academy


A few years ago my daughter contacted warts under her feet from the change rooms of her swimming pool where she regularly went for lessons. On her big toe the wart had grown in size and was painful. Went to several Dr's whom had suggested going for surgery to have it removed. She was frantic and refused. Eventually we saw a sports scientist doctor who recommended we try the Cellfood drops. We had never heard of it at the time and thought that the Dr was talking nonsense as we assumed it was just another supplement on the market. We decided to give it a try for a month. The taste was yucky, so to encourage her to take it daily, we all decided to take it as a family. We were shocked that the smaller warts disappeared and the big wart decreased in size over time and eventually disappeared under a month. What amazing results! So we continued to take it daily.

I had also noticed we were not so tired all the time, always refreshed and ready to be on the go out and also to do some sporting activities.

My skin was also cleared of all spots and blemishes. That was a bonus for me.

My husband was diabetic and he also noticed his health improving and so we all continued to take it daily.

Thank you for this amazing product.

Ms Caroline Naidoo


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