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Pierre du Plessis-Aug 2018

My problem started in 2012, when I noticed a small wound on my chest which I thought must have been a mosquito bite or something. I didn't think of it much at the time but like always, impatience caused me to scratch the wound often and hinder its natural healing process. By 2014, I decided to see a professional and went to my local GP who referred me to a specialist. After a visit to the specialist, the general consensus was to remove the annoying growth. It had grown into what they then classified as a small keloid.

I postponed the operation due to lack of cover from the medical aid and in 2017 I decided that it was time to remove the keloid as it had grown to the size of 2 jelly beans. After the operation/removal, all was well thinking I could put this behind me. I was wrong. After 2 weeks the wound opened and the struggle began. I had radiation treatment to stop the keloid from reappearing and in hindsight I think that might be the reason for the lack of healing. The struggle with my wound continued for 12 months with little success. After two operations and several stiches, the wound continued to have a will of its own, eventually reaching the size of poker chip.

After numerous different remedies I was introduced to Cellfood. At first I was sceptical, but after some convincing I started to use the Cellfood Skincare alongside the Cellfood drops. Change was almost instant. After 1 week the wound started shrinking and healthy blood was clearly flowing through the veins. The skin around the wound started to improve dramatically, which in turn fuelled the wound healing itself. After a month of Cellfood and Cellfood Skincare use, the skin had reconnected and the wound was healed.

Not only I, but family and friends, were amazed by the sudden turn around, all thanks to Cellfood. I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with wound problems as I do. I'm so pleased with the results and Cellfood is now incorporated in my daily life.

Pierre du Plessis


July 2017 After the first operation

January 2018

July 2018 wound closed


The publication, "Health Counter News" (Easter 2000 edition) published the following Personal Experience by Mr Ian Brown (who now lives in Australia).

“In 1997, a falling steel plate injured my leg above the left ankle. The wound would not heal, and I was hospitalised with a serious case of pulmonary embolii. This later developed into Nephritis over a considerable area of my leg. By November 1998, in spite of medical treatment, I had a darkly discoloured wound that was deteriorating daily. I found out about Cellfood, and started taking it daily. By February 1999, my condition had improved considerably.

“Then, apart from continuing to take Cellfood, I also applied Cellskin Gel topically to the injured area. Within one year, by November 1999, the cells had totally rejuvenated and regenerated, to the amazement of my medical examiners, who were not aware that I was using Cellfood and Cellskin Gel. During this time I took photographs, and Oxygen For Life has published these in various publications to show others the power of Cellfood and Cellskin Gel for wound care.”


John Edwards: 0044-691-1338

“I was doing some woodwork when I accidentally put my finger in the path of the revolving blade of my circular saw. The impact shattered the tip and the bone of one of my fingers. I immediately went to a specialist who cleaned the wound and stitched the pieces of the finger together again. He told me to come back after about 8 - 10 days to have the stitches removed. When I went back to the specialist, he said that the wound was badly infected and was not healing. He re-dressed the wound, and told me to come back in 3 days. He also told me that if the wound had not improved by then, that he would have to amputate my fingertip at the first joint.

“A relative heard about my situation and recommended that I apply Cellfood to the worsening wound. I regularly applied Cellfood (undiluted) onto the affected wound, over the three-day period. After three days, I returned to the specialist who was amazed to see how my finger had healed in that time. I have subsequently become a Cellfood Distributor, and the specialist is currently investigating the phenomenon of the rapid healing that was triggered off by Cellfood.”


Erika Muller: 011-768-1965

“I purchased a set of carving knives, and was washing them when I cut my finger very badly on one of the sharp knives. I had heard about the experience of John Edwards at a previous Distributor meeting, and immediately applied some drops of Cellfood to the bleeding wound. As the Cellfood combined with the blood, it formed a dark crust over the wound. I then licked this off, whereupon the bleeding started again. I again applied some drops of Cellfood to the bleeding wound; and, again, the bleeding stopped immediately, with the blood and the Cellfood forming a dark crust over the wound. I then left the wound like this. “After a few hours that same day, to my utter amazement, the wound had closed and appeared to have healed. I then phoned our Oxygen For Life Centre and told them what had happened.


Karen Kruger: 031-563-9633

"I am so impressed with Cellskin Gel. My son had a nasty graze on his knee that had gone septic. I put some Cellskin Gel on and was amazed that it formed a sort of a skin over the wound straight away, hence it stopped oozing. After applying it twice daily for three days, the wound was healed. I will most certainly keep a jar of Cellskin Gel in my first-aid kit!"

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