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Cellfood and Cancer 

Cynthia Ransom – E-MAIL:

September 2021

Cellfood came into my life in 2005 when I married Otto Hempel. Every winter he would go down with flu and then Cellfood was recommended, so by the time we got married he was cured. He then decided we should take Cellfood together and that is where my journey started.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after the stress of being in hospital, Otto ‘phoned your office, and he was given advice to give me heavy doses for quite a while and thereafter I had to take 24 drops per day. After all these years I have still been taking 24 drops first thing in the morning and I have not had a cold, or even a sniff and generally my health is amazing.

When I look around at some residents here in our Retirement Village so many are needing the miracle drops and I recommend Cellfood so often. I can only say that Cellfood has been a lifesaver for me and I am a good advert for ‘Oxygen for Life’ and will continue to recommend it the rest of my life.

And by the way, I am still cancer free after 14 years!


Cellfood and cancer - John Henry 

1 August 2016

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007 and was given a number of possibilities regarding the form of treatment. Our choice (my wife and I) was to remove the prostate. My PSI after the operation was as expected, extremely low.

Over the following two to three years my count increased at a slow rate, I did my best to stick to a relatively healthy diet by eating all of the good foods. I also take honey in my drinks in place of sugar.

One important addition which my specialist strongly recommended was that I keep fit. This I did by taking up road biking riding 12to 18 hours weekly and this has certainly helped me tremendously.

Four years ago my wife mentioned the CELLFOOD range of products and its mentioned benefits. I started taking the standard CELLFOOD drops which stated, had a supportive role in various health conditions one of them being cancer. I advanced the number of drops per day to my present level of 90 to 100. I have had my annual visit to my specialist who informed us that my reading is stable. I am now into my 3rd year of stability and working on pushing it further down.

Best Regards

John C Henry




Sue Cramer 

26 February 2014

Dear Sir / Madam

In July 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast and had a full mastectomy.
I was referred to an Oncologist after being discharged and having had my follow - up check-up with my surgeon.

My Oncologist suggested that I should have Chemotherapy radiation and take temoxyfem following the chemo and radiation, as the cancer had spread to my lymphnodes.

I realised that I would not be able to withstand this extensive treatment and decided to visit a Homeopath who gave me a course of supplements and one of them was the Cellfood. I was initially on a very strong dosage viz.up to 25 drops but have now gradually reduced to 5 drops 2 twice a day.

I still have to go for my follow - up checks with my Oncologist and have to have a mammogram once a year and sonar twice a year and all my tests have shown that I am completely free of cancer without having to have had the chemo and the radiation.

Whilst I cannot prove that it has been the sole reason for being cancer free but I do believe that it has boosted my energy levels and immune system and has played a part in my full recovery.
I am very comfortable with it and will carry on with this Cellfood for ever.

I have also recommended this to a friend of mine whose son had cancer and following his chemo and radiation had a very low immune system and since taking this medication he has already felt better.

My Homeopath was my saving grace for recommending Cellfood.

Yours faithfully

Sue Cramer




My grandfather, Nicolaas Johannes Stevens (Age 76), fell very ill in March 2012. He was admitted to hospital in Port Elizabeth. Tests were done over a period of 2 days and he was soon diagnosed with colon cancer.

The cancer had spread too far for the doctors to help him in anyway - radiation was not even an option. They soon needed to operate as my grandfather was very weak. After the operation my grandfather's organs were starting to give in and according to doctors, there was not much hope left.

A family member had heard about Cellfood drops for cancer through a friend. My grandfather started to drink about 20 to 30 drops a day while in hospital. Within 2 days my grandfather's health had improved so much, that he was soon discharged after spending 3 to 4 weeks in hospital.

He is still drinking the Cellfood drops today. We have noticed that as soon as he is not drinking the drops, he is very weak and can't even get out of bed.

Thank you Cellfood for sparing my grandfather's life. Now he will be able to attend my wedding day, which is in March 2013!




As you can see, I'm still alive! In fact I am in very good health.

I started taking Cellfood in August 2010 (25 drops early in the morning) as well as Cellfood Repair in the evenings (12 - 15 drops). But I'm also making myself a smoothie consisting of Cottage cheese, Flaxseed oil, Strawberries or one banana, about half a cup fat free milk and some honey which makes 1½ glass, once a day. I am also regularly taking some supplements to boost my immune system and touch wood, I have never felt better. I am also exercising every day, except during the cold winter months, and put in 3 hours of pistol shooting every Wednesday, weather permitting. My wife and I visited our daughter and son in England over Christmas and we walked miles without any problem. In fact, I turned 70 while in Southampton! Meanwhile I'm busy researching a book and doing proofreading for a publisher. I sincerely do not know how big a role Cellfood played in my health, but for the moment I seem to be free of cancer. I hope to keep it that way. I will be taking my next MR scan in February 2012.

There you have it all.



The first signs and introduction I had to Melanoma, was in 2007, when I had a growth removed from my upper arm. After it was removed I thought that's it, the growth has been removed and that's the end of it. Nothing further was said and that was all I knew about Melanoma.
Then in May 2009 all hell broke loose. The growth reappeared on my arm, and started getting bigger. In August I saw another growth appear below the first one, and that it was starting to get painful, a sort of pricking sensitive feeling, that I have not experienced before. At that stage I was living in Mossel Bay and the doctor I went and saw about it in August said, they can only operate on the 9th December 2009. I left it at that, they after all are supposed to know what they are talking about. The after effect of this, is that sporadically it got more painful. I then went back to the doctor at the clinic, who this time was a lady doctor, and she was concerned. She wrote a letter to the hospital and asked if they can accommodate me earlier, which they refused. I saw her again towards the end of November because it was now really getting painful. She then arranged for me to see a doctor urgently at the hospital who then looked at it and immediately. He did not like what he saw and immediately phoned another specialist who looked at it. He said I will not see the 9th December 2009 if we wait any longer, if it is not to late already.
He arranged for me to be booked in to Groote Schuur Hospital on the 3rd November 2009 for an operation. It was done on the 4th December 2009. My sister heard about Cellfood from ner pharmacist, and she and my brother investigated further, and after talking to some doctor friends, they discussed it with me and I went for it. I have heard of so many funny cures that I was not willing to try anything just on heresay. My faith in my maker is unmovable, and I decided with him in my life and with Cellfood, we are going to fight this battle. Staying positive is of course a great plus, irrespective of how bad the situation looks.

I started using Cellfood from the 8th December 2009, to see if it will help get rid of the growths on my liver and intestines.

After using Cellfood for six months, and many scans later, in June 2010 they were gone. I still take my 25 drops every morning without fail.

I have recommended the Cellfood to a good few people and four of them, one with skin cancer, and three with completely other ailments, are all showing positive results. The one lady who has a bad skin, has shown me what a difference it has made to her face. Her skin looks brilliant an smooth.

Kind Regards,




Attention: Sales / Financial Manager

Thank you very much for the Cellfood information I have just received and read with interest.
I have been using Cellfood, (for many years since it first became available in Cape Town), on the recommendation of Brian Friedman, a Chiropractor who trained with Monks in Tibet)? It assisted greatly with the various joint and other pains I was experiencing at the time.

However most effective was it's effect on the early stages of Emphysema which my doctor had diagnosed. Now well over 10 years later, the Emphysema has not progressed and more importantly the regular colds, coughs & influenza with which I had been plagued since early childhood.have been cured. I have not had a cold or flu for more than 7 years. Occasionally I have had a sore throat or sneezing and by taking a few extra drops of Cellfood and placing some Vicks in my nose, within a matter of 2 or max 3 hours, I am back to normal and no cold develops. It seems to have a good effect also on the prostate cancer of which I have been diagnosed.

I am now an old age Pensioner of 81 years and as my Pension is less than R1000 p.m., I had to discontinue purchasing Cellfood about 5 years ago. Within a month or so all the old ailments, Colds, aching joints etc returned.

A friend, who saw the distress I was in at the time, bought me 2 bottles of Cellfood as a gift and within a matter of weeks, I was back to normal.

With the assistance of friends & family, I have managed to continue with Cellfood ever since.

Thank you once again for keeping me informed (all the trace elements & vitamins in your product are also highly recommended by Dr Jonathan V. Wright of the Tahoma Clinic in America.) His natural non-drug treatment is helping me greatly with my prostate cancer.

Yours sincerely

Paddy Leonard

CELLFOOD VS CANCER (30 June 2010) 

I am 60 years old and granny to 5 grandchildren.

My husband passed away ten years ago due to lung cancer. He received 15 chemo and 40 radium treatments. The oncologist promised him that if he undergoes treatment he would live for another two years and have quality life. Ten months later he passed away and there was barely anything left of him. As a family we decided that we would never go the chemo route.

In 2009 I started having problems with my eyes – double vision. I went to my eye specialist and he sent me to a brain specialist who sent me for a CT scan. He then told me that there is a problem and that he would like to refer me to an oncologist.

In January 2009 I went and saw my doctor. She looked at the results of the CT scan and then she did a bone marrow test on me. I was told that I have a very rare cancer called Plasma Cytoma and if I do not receive treatment I will be dead in six months. I asked what this cancer did or was and she said that it is a buildup of proteins behind the eyes. This is called Bench Jones Proteins.

I asked what she would treat me with. As she wrote down the name I recognized it as the same chemo my husband had been treated with. I then asked her what the negative effects would be of this treatment. She informed me that there would be no negative effects but that she would book me off work for four months. I then said that I need to do some thinking and that I would come back to her. I went home and told my family that I would not take the chemo. My son was most upset – but that was originally our agreement.

I asked my son to call his financial broker to come and see if all my documents were in order. While we were going through all the documents he passed a remark and my reply to him was “Amen”. He closed all the files we had opened. My first thought was that I had offended him. I asked him what was wrong and he said to me that he was a Christian. By the way, so am I. He said that he knew that he was going to help someone but not knowing it was me. He there and then told me about a doctor in Edenvale – Dr Rowan. He immediately made an appointment with her for me. I saw her the next day. As you know Dr Rowan does alternate treatment to cure cancer. When she looked at my results the Bench Jones Proteins were 17%. At the next testing it was .02% and the last testing showed NO percentage, only that the Bench Jones Proteins was still positive. We are convinced that by the next count in a few weeks from now it will be negative.

But here comes the sad side of all this. The medical aid I am on do not pay for homeopaths or alternate treatment. Dr Rowan had put me on Cellfood and the dosage I am using is 50 drops, three times a day. I am also on vitamin and Alkaliser powders twice a day. If I don’t drink the Cellfood my eyes start playing up.

I then realized that being with Dr Rowan was the best thing that could have happened to me and that Danie, the broker, had been a divine intervention to come to me and to help me get to Dr Rowan. I know with the Cellfood and Dr Rowan’s treatment I will be around for a long time to come.



Update 16 October 2013

We are now in October 2013, still Cancer free by using CELLFOOD Daily, By using Cellfood daily it has kept me Cancer free for nearly four years.

I have now developed a bone problem in my mouth. A Professor: Carlo Ferretti, a Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeon - is going to do bone grafts: bone harvested from my Pelvis Bones.

I went back to Dr Rowan, just to make sure about the Cancer, she checked my blood and found it was in Perfect condition, due the continuous use of CELLFOOD there is no trace of Cancer.

* I will be increasing the daily dosage to three times fifty drops of CELLFOOD per day, to make sure that there would be no problems during the healing process after the bone grafts.

I am sure that the use of the CELLFOOD during all these years kept me Cancer free.

By the Grace of Our Heavenly Father and CELLFOOD from The CELLFOOD Company, I can testify that I am healthy and going to have this operation with confidence and assurance of being well after the operation.

Just a short note of progress. 2016

In 2013 I had the bone grafts done and it was a great success, still using CELLFOOD.

In April 2014 I went on pension and at one stage stopped using CELLFOOD, as I was given the advice that by using Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade, I would still be Cancer free, and my vision would be fine. My vision started changing and my finger nails became a shade of blue, that was so not me. However I believed that it is still fine, my health started going down and my mouth started to bleed and formed blisters in my pallet and in my cheeks. I went for blood tests, the result was that the Bench Jones Proteins count has increased to 11% and that I had to go for more treatments.

I once again made contact with Oxygen For Life. Started with fifty drops of CELLFOOD three times a day. My nails are no longer blue, but my eye sight is still very poor. I will remain on CELLFOOD for the rest of my life, as I now realise, not using CELLFOOD was very unwise, it was a very poor decision. Being on the CELLFOOD is the best option, as it has no bad effects, and I believe in the weeks to come my sight will be fine and I can enjoy life, and my family.

A very thankful appreciation to Mr. John Verhoog and Oxygen For Life, enabling me to look forward to the future and being healthy and able to see.


Dr Otto Warburg, twice Nobel Laureate, stated: “The primary cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by anaerobic respiration.” 

Many cancer patients and health practitioners (as well as oncologists) have reported that Cellfood has been very beneficial for those suffering from cancer. This is mainly because of the increased supply of oxygen at cellular level, changing cell respiration from anaerobic to aerobic.

Furthermore, those who have been exposed to chemotherapy and/or radiation have reported that when they took Cellfood after their relevant treatments, they no longer experienced the nausea and lack of energy that often accompanied the treatment. This is because the sudden increase of waste and toxins in the system (as a result of the treatment destroying the cancer cells) was now being effectively eliminated by the additional supply of oxygen (from the Cellfood). The additional supply of other nutrients in Cellfood, such as minerals, then assisted the body in its processes of restoration.


Marion Schulze

I am a 58 year old female. In November 2006 I developed hard lymph nodes in all the places one normally gets them.

Some of them were sore and I was very worried, because my husband had passed many years before from Lymphoma.

I searched the internet for all possibilities and reasons why a person could develop lymph nodes. It was running in circles because "Lymphoma" kept staring me in the face. Then all of a sudden within 10 days I dropped 4 kilo's and they stayed off.

Now I weighed only 55 kg, way too little for my height of 1.78 m. That was February 2007. Feeling otherwise quite normal, I just didn't pay too much attention to the glands, but they were there.

Then in October that year I stumbled across an article by a doctor, giving detailed report on the interaction of oxygen and cancerous cells. That made a lot of sense to me and I decided to try "CELLFOOD" and a variety of nutrients.

6 WEEKS LATER, over a time span of 48 hours all the glands crumbled and over the following 3 month I regained some of the lost weight. Feeling absolutely normal again, I stopped taking all the special things and carried on with life.

And here is what I should have done: Stay on "CELLFOOD", but I didn't. Bad mistake!
In late 2007 all the nodes were back, this time coupled with elephant size spleen and water collected around my left lung, squeezing the lung to nothingness, I could not breathe.

In this condition I arrived in Germany for treatment and as I heard much later, Doctors didn't have much hope for me.

"CELLFOOD" travelled with me to Germany and I took my drops every day, increased dose on the days before and after the Chemo was administered. What the good Doctors didn't see possible, happened: All symptoms went away, my blood recovered and I am back in SA, enjoying life and good health.





Eleen On Hing

"The Oxygen For Life SA products are wonderful and I have noticed that people using these products look and feel younger because of the oxygen in the blood stream. I observed that many people were wilting flowers before taking Cellfood® or SWITCH (Now know as Cellfood Shape) and after talking these products were like blooming plants because their faces lit up and their eyes were shining. I have been encouraged by the testimonials of people using the Oxygen For Life SA products and have heard of amazing recoveries from people who had bladder or prostate cancer. One man of 80 years living in St. Francis Bay, near Port Elizabeth with prostrate cancer has made a wonderful recovery since taking Cellfood®. He was almost bed-ridden and very sickly but he is now driving his car and meeting with his friends and living a normal life. I heard from our Director of the man from Port Alfred who only had a few weeks to live because of cancer. He is alive today, thanks to Cellfood®. One of my friends went over to the East with a bottle of Cellfood® and gave it to her sickly mother who is about 80 years old. Within days of taking Cellfood® she went out shopping with her daughter and was quite happy to go out visiting. Before her daughters’ arrival she refused to leave the house because she did not feel well. Her daughter came back to P.E and sent over 4 bottles of Cellfood®".



Mrs Ellen Cilliers

“ In September 1999, due to epileptic attacks, my husband went to our Doctor for a check-up, and was diagnosed with 3 tumours on his brain. Two options were suggested to us: 1) Brain surgery; or 2) Radiation treatment. It was explained to us that there were risks involved with both the brain surgery and the radiation treatment, which could have resulted in my husband losing his ability to speak and to walk. This was unacceptable to us, especially at his age of 70. A friend suggested that I contact a Doctor (who knew about Cellfood) about my husband’s condition. The Doctor recommended that I give him Cellfood, starting on a low dosage, and then building up to 100 drops per day, as well as a strict diet according to his blood type.

“ Five months later, at the beginning of February 2000, my husband was x-rayed again. No trace of the tumours or any cancer was found. In scanning for the cancer, they x-rayed him from his stomach to his head, and were amazed to find that he was completely clear of cancer. He is now on 75 drops of Cellfood a day, and is driving his car again. His lifestyle is much better than even before the epileptic attacks; and he no longer has epileptic attacks.

“ We believe we serve a great and mighty God. He answers prayers, but we must do our part.”


Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg is a registered nursing sister, who has had extensive experience as the nursing sister in a large private school, and in her own private practice.
"A child had been diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 4. A huge tumour was removed from the base of her brain. The result of surgery was unfortunate damage to several nerve supplies, leaving her partially paralysed. The result of her follow-up radiotherapy was a loss of 15 points to her I.Q. At the age of 6, she was put into a special school. At 8 she was repeating grade one for the second time. It was at this time that I put her on to Cellfood. Within a week of using the product her parents were called to see her teacher and occupational therapist - so drastic was her improvement. Two months later her father phoned me in tears - his daughter just asked him a question that he thought she never would - ‘How does the vacuum work in a water container?’ He reported that she was becoming more aware and alert, and was starting to question everyday things that children do in order to learn. It was amazing how Cellfood was assisting in the rebuilding of her neurological systems; and at the age of 12, she was able to function normally.”



Brian Billings

"I have always been a very strong and healthy person, in spite of possibly overdoing smoking and drinking. Without warning, I suddenly experienced terrible stomach pains. After a week, a doctor put me on medication. This did not help, and I went to hospital, where tests were done.

"To my absolute horror, they discovered a cancerous growth and colon cancer. I was immediately operated on, having the growth removed and a colostomy. I was discharged from hospital and told I needed to start radiation treatment. I did not want to be exposed to radiation; and, fortunately, a family member told me about Cellfood. I started taking it, and did not go for radiation treatment. Soon, I was taking 75 drops of Cellfood a day."

"Three weeks later I went for further tests. The surgeon was amazed and told me there was no trace of cancer in my systems. I was very pleased and increased my dosage to 90 drops per day. When I went for another biopsy, the surgeon said that I had improved so much that he could reverse the ‘bag system’ I had, and surgically reconstruct my colon, so that I could live a normal life. I will continue to take Cellfood for the rest of my life."

Update 3 months later: "I have now had three major abdominal operations; and, because I improved so much after taking Cellfood, my intestinal system has been completely re-constructed. All the operations have been successful and I am presently recovering from the final operation. "I still take 75 drops of Cellfood every day, which has helped me enormously. After the last operation at the end of January, which lasted 3 hours, I was amazed at how quickly I recovered from the anaesthetic and was able to talk to family members within a few hours; whereas, after my first operation (before I started taking Cellfood), my reaction to the anaesthetic and the operation was so traumatic that it took me days to recover. "As I said previously, I am very grateful to my family for having introduced me to Cellfood, and I will continue to take it for the rest of my life".



Mrs X was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus and tongue. Conventional treatment, e.g. chemotherapy, radiation, etc., did not arrest the cancer. Because of her severe condition, she was only able to drink liquids, and was losing weight daily.

When her daughter suggested that she should take Cellfood, Mrs X was not interested and was prepared to die. Unbeknown to her, her daughter started adding Cellfood to all the liquids (tea, soup, etc) being given to her dying mother.

Within a couple of weeks, Mrs X had improved to such an extent that she asked if she could have some pasta to eat. Shortly after this, she had nearly regained her weight and decided to go back to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor was amazed to report that her cancer-cell count had reduced considerably. At a second check-up a few weeks later, he reported that she no longer had any cancer in her oesophagus; and then had her entire body tested to see if the cancer was manifesting somewhere else. Everyone was amazed when he reported that there was no cancer in any of her systems.

Mrs X did not know that her daughter had been giving her Cellfood; and, for this reason, we are not disclosing her full name.



Celia Gilaad 

“I have a history of chronic skin damage from sun abuse, with constant manifestations of solar keratosis popping up from wherever there was previous sun exposure. Due to skin cancer, my nose has had a history of radiation and surgery twice.

“Whilst visiting family in South Africa, my nose was seriously affected once again; and; this time, it was wide spread. This would have necessitated my returning to Israel for further treatment. My grand-daughter, gave me a jar of Cellskin Gel, and I was totally overwhelmed by the almost immediate healing that took place. This is the first time in all my years that I have not been to a dermatologist for three months.

“I am so grateful to my grand-daughter and to Cellskin. Cellskin Gel is a true miracle for me. I am now distributing Cellskin Gel and Cellfood in Israel to help others like myself.”

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