Cell-Pet® is a liquid, highly-concentrated, super-energized, colloidal mineral and nutritional supplement, which you add to the drinking water of your Pet on a daily basis, in order to maintain its peak performance and general well-being.

21st Century
Cellular Nutrition Oxygen Mineral Supplement

Especially developed for: Your Pet


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What are the benefits of using Cell-Pet® :

As a dynamic multi-action agent, Cell-Pet® is environmentally and ecologically safe for all types of pets. It has no detrimental side-effects, and has numerous benefits for your Pet:

• Enhances vitality and energy
• Reduces lethargy or distress
• Enhances optimal bodily functions
• Strengthens systems, e.g. immune system
• Improves gut health
• Enhances texture and sheen of coat
• Promotes peak performance
• Maintains general well-being 

• Works fast and effectively
• Is cost-effective and easy to use
• Achieves sustainable results

The amazing supplement, Cell-Pet® should be given to your Pet every day, for enhancing its nutritional biochemical activities and enabling it to function optimally. 

Cell-Pet® achieves results in a unique and amazing manner by supplying your Pet with essential nutrients, elements and minerals, as well as nascent oxygen and hydrogen (due to the splitting of water moleculesb inside your Pet), all in a controlled manner and at cellular level.

As soon as your Pet drinks water with Cell-Pet® in it, Cell-Pet® starts working in its  unique manner, on the physical, chemical and biological levels of your Pet. 

Cell-Pet® is a registered blend of natural plant-sourced minerals, nutrients and electrolytes in ionic colloidal suspension, and proprietary elements that supply controlled nascent oxygen and hydrogen at cellular level. All ingredients are organic and totally non-toxic. They are cryogenically, not chemically, extracted to ensure maximum pureness and potency. No alcohol or glucose is used in the product. Cell-Pet® is also hypo-allergenic.

Cell-Pet® can be taken in conjunction with other remedies, medications and additives because it increases their bio-availability and effectiveness.

How Do I Give Cell-Pet To My Pets? 

Directions:: Establish the average amount of water your Pet drinks per day (Daily Water Intake). If other animals drink from the same bowl, establish average amount of water drunk by all of them. Use table below to calculate appropriate number of drops of Cell-Pet®, and mix into drinking water to super-energize it.

Daily Water Intake Cell-Pet to be administered as follows:

                  Days 1 & 2       Days 3 & 4    Days 5 & 6    Day 7 Onwards
250ml      1 drop               1 drop             2 drops          3 drops
500ml      1 drop               2 drops          2 drops          3 drops
1 litre        2 drops            3 drops          4 drops          6 drops 

Other Water: Remove all other drinking water.

Water Quality: If water contains impurities or chlorine, double Cell-Pet® drops to purify water. Ideally, mix appropriate Cell-Pet drops in water and let it stand overnight (or a few hours). Then, add same number of Cell-Pet® drops to water, and give it to your Pet.

Maintenance Application: When your Pet is very healthy, Cell-Pet® can be gradually reduced to the level as per Days 3 & 4. Never reduce below this level.

Undrunk Water:Each morning, discard any remaining undrunk water and make a new mixture for your Pet.

For animal use only. Keep bottle away from children. Avoid contact with natural organic and petroleum based materials (e.g. silk, cotton, linen, wool).

Cell-Pet® is manufactured by Nu Science Corp. U.S.A. in an F.D.A. licensed laboratory, and is based on the same technologies as Cellfood, the nutritional supplement (for humans). 

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