Cell-Pet for Birds

Cell-Pet® for Birds (formerly known as Cell-Chic®) is a unique liquid oxygen mineral supplement, in a super-energized concentrated colloidal form that increases oxygenation in the blood stream; and improves digestion, the immune system, the metabolism, and the bird’s general well-being. As a natural plant-based product, Cell-Pet® for Birds; is safe to use with all types of birds, and has been achieving excellent cost-effective results world-wide with Racing Pigeons, Tumblers, chicken production, parrots, budgies, etc.

Cell-Pet® for Birds
Registration No. V15885 Wet/Act 36 of 1947
South African National Department of Agriculture
Super-energized Concentrated Oxygen Mineral Supplement for PIGEONS, POULTRY AND CAGED BIRDS

Cell-Pet® for Birds is manufactured by Nu Science Corp. U.S.A. in an F.D.A. licensed laboratory, and is based on the same technologies as Cellfood® for humans. 

The benefits of using Cell-Pet® for Birds (formerly known as Cell-Chic®) :

• As a dynamic multi-action agent, Cell-Pet® for Birds is environmentally and ecologically safe for all types of birds.
• It has no detrimental side-effects for all birds:
• Reduces distress, disease & mortalities
• Improves health & condition of pigeons
• Strengthens systems, e.g. immune system
• Works fast and effectively
• Achieves sustainable results 

Other reasons for using Cell-Pet® for Birds (formerly known as Cell-Chic®) :

• Is cost-effective and easy to use
• Reduces ammonia content in manure, thus reducing possible damage to lung surfaces and susceptibility
to respiratory diseases
• Reduces need for costly medications

Today, bird owners owners are being faced with increasing environmental pollution and fluctuations in the quality of food and drinking water which makes birds more susceptible than ever to distress and disease. Deficiencies of Oxygen and Minerals lead to accumulation of metabolic waste and toxins in bodily systems, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens, thus making the birds more vulnerable to disease. Costly medications are then used to remedy the situation, often retarding the growth and condition of birds.

Cell-Pet® for Birds can be given to birds simultaneously with Anti-biotics and Viral Medications. Cell-Pet® for Birds will make these medications more effective as it is the level of absorption of the elements, minerals and trace minerals being taken up into the cells of the body that is important. This is directly influenced by the level of toxins in the cells. The benefit of taking Cell-Pet® for Birds, which is a nutritional supplement, is that the elements, minerals and trace minerals are highly concentrated, super energized and colloidal (minutely negatively charged particles) which facilitates the absorption of these elements into the cells.

A nutritional supplement for birds is increasingly found to be more relevant these days where viruses and bacteria are either becoming more resistant to medication, or mutating into highly dangerous organisms. To withstand and create a buffer to the “germ world” onslaught, a nutritional immune booster called Cell-Pet® for Birds is essential.

Due to the highly concentrated nature of Cell-Pet® for Birds the quantity of Cell-Pet® for Birds required is determined by the quantity of water consumed by the birds daily. The general ratio of Cell-Pet® for Birds to drinking water is 1:2,000 i.e. if the quantity of water consumed daily is 2 liters, one would add 1 ml of Cell-Pet® for Birds into 2 liters of drinking water.
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PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH Cell-Pet® for Birds (formally known as Cell-Chic®)


When scientists analysed the oxygen content of air bubbles trapped in ice-core drillings at the Antarctic, they found that the earth’s atmosphere was comprised of between 38% and 50% oxygen not so long ago. Over the years, increasing pollution, mass destruction of the rain forests, and the reduction of the natural producers of oxygen, have decreased the level of oxygen in our atmosphere from above 38% to around 20% and even 16% in major industrial cities where they do not allow their children to run around too much because this damages their respiratory systems. In more and more industrialised areas ‘oxygen bars’ are being opened, where people can go to boost their oxygen intakes – but where do our pigeons go?

Oxygen is essential for cleansing and energising our bodies. In addition to its deficiency, is the growing mineral and enzyme lack that is weakening our bodily systems. Soil erosion, lack of crop rotation and excessive use of chemicals rob the soils of essential nutrients that we humans, the animals, birds and poultry need in fruits, vegetables, grains and other commodities.

During the past 50 years, some vegetables now have up to 75% less of their mineral content. Minerals are essential for building and maintaining bodily systems.

Today, it is clear that man, bird and beast are functioning less effectively because of oxygen amino acid, mineral and vitamin deficiencies which lead to the accumulation of toxins and waste in bodily systems, resulting in breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and pathogens (other germs and microbes), as well as possible cellular mutation, which presents an ever growing threat.

By now, the reader is wondering what this has to do with racing and roller/tumbler pigeons, even parrots and caged birds. It will become evident as one reads further on that I have come across a dynamic nutritional supplement called Cell-Pet® for Birds based on the mother product for humans called Cellfood®.

Last year, I restarted racing pigeons after a very long lay-off. One was shocked at all the negative info regarding viruses that have crippled many, even experienced Bird Fanciers aspirations. After reading what one must resort to, to get ahead these days, I felt like giving up.

In my day, when I became West Rand (Roodepoort area via Johannesburg) Pigeon Union champ, Adeno and Circo viruses and possibly other sicknesses were not known. This season, no sooner were vaccinations against paramyxo and paratyphus done, then Pigeon Pox hit the birds. Two months later, malaria (unheard of in the early 70’s) invaded my pigeons and those of my neighbours. One could not help thinking that Adeno and Circo viruses plus other troublesome pathogens were not the pigeon equivalent of AIDS in human beings today.

Last year, a lady named Chrisolo, who used to run a health shop, made me acutely aware that I drastically needed to alter my worsening medical circumstances by changing my entrenched eating habits – need to take in fresh fruit and vegetables juices and salads, - cut out white sugar and refined flour products, and eat as much UNCOOKED food as possible. Naturally one needs to cook meats and potatoes, but eat protein foods separate from carbohydrate food as much as possible.

This awareness made me search all sources and avenues of health restoration; read books that had documented proof of amazing healings due to using natural products, herbs and having faith in God.

My niece, who suffered from a stroke took Cellfood® to pull her through and restore her bodily balances, introduced this astounding product to me, but only got serious about it recently. When the product information brochures were given to me to scrutinize, I became convinced by the many remarkable testimonials that their products were indeed genuine and dynamic, having strengthened sick animals, poultry etc. to the point that veterinary medications in combination with Cell-Vet® given simultaneously restored the patients back to health.

In certain cases, no medication was applied, except the Cell-Pet® for Birds or Cell-Vet® supplement in stronger doses, which ‘shocked’ the pathogens sufficiently to allow the animal to be healed. This greatly impressed me, and I noted how this could help my pigeons.

From health books studied, it appears that many biochemists believe that free radicals are the main cause of the aging process and degenerational disease. These singlet (enkel alleenlopende) atoms have been displaced from molecules and travel through the body disrupting and pirating other atoms and molecules with the hope of being incorporated. These reactions cause degeneration in our bodies. These destroyers are POSITIVELY charged singlet atoms of oxygen (O+). Cellfood® and therefore Cell-Pet® for Birds/Vet® enables nascent (newly born and created) oxygen to be generated by the splitting of water molecules in the body into atoms of oxygen and hydrogen. Cell-Pet® for Birds newly created atom of oxygen is NEGATIVELY charged (O-) and hunts for the O+ radicals, neutralising them, thereby combining to form O2 which the body needs. The hydrogen generated serves the body in a multitude of ways. It is interesting to note that an 80kg person has 7kg hydrogen in his/her body or should have.

What excited me was that because Cell-Pet® for Birds is very acidic, bacteria and viruses can’t live in it in its undiluted form. When Cell-Pet® for Birds is however diluted in our birds’ drinking water, the pH increases into an alkaline state. The product therefore repels the pathogen troublemakers continually, while at the same time strengthening and nourishing the body.

Another major plus, is that either Cell-Pet® for Birds, Cell-Vet® (for large animals) and Cell-Pet® (for household pets) can be given together with medicine or anti-biotics and does not clash, because it is not a medicine but a nutritional supplement that boosts the immune system.

Cell-Pet® for Birds is a registered blend of natural plant-sourced minerals, nutrients and electrolytes in ionic, minutely negatively charged suspension that gives off new oxygen and hydrogen, and also supplying the greatly needed enzymes and amino acids.

My pigeons get Cell-Pet® for Birds everyday now, and the boss get his Cellfood®. There is already a marked difference in how my racers train, and I feel better for it. I am sorry for not having used it 12 months ago in the breeding loft where unfortunately sickness was present, especially “wet nest”.

We Bird Fanciers should put away all our jealousies and help each other’s birds to reach their peak performance – let the best birds win and we will know who truly has the superior pigeons. To beat sick champions of other Bird Fanciers is not a feat or anything to brag about. Let the health of everyone’s birds be on the same level, then competition will be great. With all pigeon’s health being equal, one might need to introduce other people’s stock that is better than yours.

The quarantine cage that sick and stray birds are placed in, present a challenge to doctor them back to health. Since introducing my birds to a stronger dosage of Cell-Pet® for Birds in their water together with my experimental cocktail of virus killer medication, the birds have responded well. Anti-biotics will easily eradicate birds of bacterial diseases, but the latent (weggesteekte) presence of viruses cripples our pigeons. I placed my racers on a one week cocktail and they responded exceptionally well – they would disappear and train for 1½ to 2 hours and not land with gaping mouths.

While I’m not a champion at the moment, I plan to get there for sure, due to these new things I found out and am experimenting with.

Before when I was a youngster in the 50’s, it was my job to doctor my dad’s poultry and turkeys. The latter always, as poults (kuiken kalkoene) contracted pox in January and February, we used a tar that destroyed the viruses in the sores.

Even after vaccinations, the pigeon pox virus could return and re-contaminate the blood without any outward pox sores, and then we pump them with antibiotics, thereby weakening the bird’s resistance and make it possible, I believe, that mutations could arise.

Wet pox in pigeons looks a lot like canker (not cancer as some people term it) on the inside of the mouth. The deceased Eddie Hill who flew extremely well, made me aware that this sickness can resurge during racing season, but in the blood. At that time he used his secret ‘tarri’ muti (which is a natural thing) to eliminate the pox. This is also included in my cocktail.

Before a vaccine against Newcastle disease (known as paramyxo virus in pigeons) came out, we treated our poultry on Condi’s crystals (Potassium Permanganate), and the fowls always responded well.

While another specific on the market appears to deal with viruses, I feel ‘safer’ dosing the birds with a broad spectrum cocktail which also has a large range of herb extracts added.

The herbs make the blood more bitter, detoxifying the whole system, fortifying the body and strengthening the immunity factor. When this cocktail has been ‘perfected’, I will release more info.

What is very re-assuring is that I now have Cell-Pet® for Birds to lift our birds to higher levels. Even my stock birds look and feel remarkably well. And as it has often been said – we breed our winners in the nest!

A golden tip is to extract carrot, celery, beetroot, parsley and garlic juices and add to drinking water of racers and stock alike at a ration of one to ten parts of water 3 times a week with Cell-Pet® for Birds also added. You may add Cell-Pet® for Birds with other boosters or medication at the same time on a daily basis. According to a world expert it has been clinically proven that closest to resembling blood, carrot is at the top.

Please study the Cell-Pet® for Birds advert in this month’s edition for details, plus communication info.

Barry Nilsson (Deceased)



Twoo is an owl that was found in Hartbeespoort as a very young infant. He had an injured leg due to his crash landing in a lady’s bedroom during one of his first flying attempts.

Alister Kemp of the De Wildt Cheetah’s Vulture Unit rescued Twoo. This was Alister’s first experience with raising a bird so small. Twoo adapted readily to his new human surroundings and spent most of his time in Alister’s room. They formed a very strong bond. After observing Twoo, Alister realized that Twoo’s leg was broken and so took him to Onterstepoort Veterinary Clinic. The team at Ondersterpoort operated and mended Twoo’s leg. Alister brought Twoo home happy that his baby was well again.

However Twoo had more misfortune on his way. Twoo’s legs were in a cast to help his leg’s recovery. During this period, however, Twoo’s hock joints developed severe infections. As well as this, Twoo was so uncomfortable in the casts and in pain due to the infection, that he chewed two of his own claws off. Alister took him back to Onderstepoort and the team examined him. Their conclusion was that euthanasia was the only option. Alister disagreed. This was his baby and refused to just let him die without a fight. Alister began researching other options to help Twoo.

Having used Cellfood®, the oxygen mineral supplement with excellent results himself, Alister asked his Mom to contact Oxygen for Life (Pty) Ltd. when she was informed about Cell-Pet® for Birds which is the Cellfood® equivalent especially developed for our fine feathered friends, including racing pigeons, parrots, ostriches, chickens, and now also Owls.

Oxygen for Life (Pty) Ltd. kindly sponsored Twoo with Cell-Pet® for Birds and Cellskin Gel® which is a product that is applied topically to speed up the healing process of the wound and the infection.

After only a week the results were amazing. Within a month, Twoo was fully recovered. Today Twoo is a happy, healthy bird that loves rats and enjoys rock music. Twoo is still Alister’s baby and spends as much time as possible perched in Alister’s wardrobe.

Twoo’s recovery can be ascribed totally to Alister’s perseverance and the products supplied by The Cellfood Company and all the support we received.

Sylvia Kemp

Cell-Pet® for Birds Personal Experiences

My name is Melanie Volker and my husband and I own a farm in the Eastern Cape.

We farm with a variety of animals, including various types of poultry and we always have Cell-Pet® for Birds readily at hand as we have been very pleased with the results achieved.

The following experience is listed as I would like other farmers to benefit from this wonderful product:

Free Range Broiler Chickens

In July 2004 I a Spotted Genet managed to get inside our free range broiler run killing 126 of 200 day old chicks. I had read an email on using Cell-Pet® for Birds to calm game so I gave the surviving chicks Cell-Pet® for Birds™ in their drinking water to calm them down. In the past in the same situation the mortality from stress was high the next day after a spotted Genet killed more than 50% of the day old chicks. But with this batch not one chick had died the next day from stress which was amazing. I purchased another 100 chicks the next day and continued with Cell-Pet® for Birds in their drinking water every day for their full 7 weeks. To make matters worse a few spotted Genettes got into the broiler run again when the broilers were 4 1/2 weeks old and killed 54 broilers of the remaining 174 and 118 of the 200 day old chicks from the new batch. Our average weights at slaughter had increased by 250-400g per chicken despite the stress of two Spotted Genets attacks. What makes these results even more amazing is the fact that all the chicks in this batch were delivered with a respiratory disease. I am therefore truly amazed by the results achieved, despite all the challenges.

I did exactly the same with the next stressed batch of day old chicks and not one chick died from stress the next day. I purchased another 100 chicks two weeks later and as before put Cell-Pet® for Birds in their drinking water every day for the full 7 weeks and received an average weight increase of 230-350g per chicken. Like the previous batch, these chickens also had a respiratory disease. Must find a new supplier.

Cuckoo Rooster

Our Cuckoo Rooster was very sick with a sickness that has killed all the chickens that had contracted this sickness in the past. We had sent in a duck for a postmortem from the same sickness but the nothing could be found. The rooster would lie down and fluff up and I would often find him on his side if he lost his balance or got knocked over, the tips of his comb was black and had lost a lot of weight. I gave him 2 drops Cell-Pet® for Birds 3 times a day in a syringe and after a week he was running away from me when I came to give him his Cell-Pet® for Birds. He showed great improvement and I stopped the Cell-Pet® for Birds.

Unfortunately the Cuckoo Rooster got lice and has developed anemia. I have therefore begun giving him 2 drops Cell-Pet® for Birds again plus treatment for the lice and after one week’s treatment he has managed to roost on the top perch in the chicken run with the other chickens. This is really something as he hasn’t been strong enough to jump up four levels of perches. For about 3 months he has been sleeping at ground level. He still is not 100% but I am positive he will get there soon.


The female turkey developed anemia from lice. She was treated for lice and given 2 drops Cell-Pet® for Birds once a day for four days. She seems to have recovered and is going about her normal daily routine as apposed to sitting in a corner all day.

I shall monitor the situation closely.

Melanie has stated that she will most certainly continue using Cell-Pet® for Birds for all her poulty in future as the results speak for themselves.

She goes further to state that: “There are two facts that definitely stand out strongly about my experience in the use of Cell-Pet® for Birds and Cell-Vet®. Firstly, that the mortality rate of all the animals, no matter what type, have been drastically reduced if I compare it to my previous records and experience over the last 3 1/2 years without the use of Cell-Pet® for Birds and Cell-Vet®. I have hardly lost any animals that have been treated with Cell-Pet® for Birds or Cell-Vet®. Secondly all the sick animals that have been treated with Cell-Pet® for Birds or Cell-Vet®, no matter what the sickness or problem, the recovery time is much shorter.”


The purpose of the Poultry Broiler Project was to establish whether or not there was any benefit (e.g. financial, income from saleable broilers, etc.) in dispensing Cell-Pet® for Birds (formally known as Cell-Chic®)* in the drinking water of broilers. This Poultry Broiler Report records the findings of the project.

Cell-Pet® for Birds* is an amazing oxygen mineral supplement, that increases oxygenation in the blood stream; improves digestion; and improves the immune system, the metabolism and the general well-being of a broiler. As a natural plant-based product, Cell-Pet® for Birds* is safe to use with all types of birds, and has been achieving excellent cost-effective results throughout the world, especially in the poultry industry in America, Japan and Mexico.

Cell-Pet® for Birds* is currently registered by the South African National Department of Agriculture as a Super-energized Oxygen Mineral Supplement (Registration Number V15885 – 2000.10.18) under the section “FARM FEEDS”; however, Cell-Pet® for Birds* should more correctly be classified as a nutroceutical, and will be reclassified as soon as it is possible to register it as such.

A very important part of this project was to observe the consequences or withdrawing all forms of vaccinations, anti-biotics and growth stimulants from a sample of broilers, and only replacing these items with Cell-Pet® for Birds* in their drinking water.

(Cell-Pet® for Birds* is based on Cellfood®, the world-leading oxygen mineral equivalent product for humans, that received the 1997 Advanced Technology Award from The International Hall of Fame in USA. Both products are manufactured by Nu Science Corporation in USA.)

Click here to view the complete Cell-Pet® for Birds report 

Cell-Pet® is a registered blend of natural plant-sourced minerals, nutrients and electrolytes in ionic colloidal suspension, and proprietary elements that supply controlled nascent oxygen and hydrogen at cellular level. All ingredients are organic and totally non-toxic. They are cryogenically, not chemically, extracted to ensure maximum pureness and potency. No alcohol or glucose is used in the product. Cell-Pet® is also hypo-allergenic.

Cell-Pet® can be taken in conjunction with other remedies, medications and additives because it increases their bio-availability and effectiveness.

How Do I Give Cell-Pet To My Pets? 

Directions:: Establish the average amount of water your Pet drinks per day (Daily Water Intake). If other animals drink from the same bowl, establish average amount of water drunk by all of them. Use table below to calculate appropriate number of drops of Cell-Pet®, and mix into drinking water to super-energize it.

Daily Water Intake Cell-Pet to be administered as follows:

                  Days 1 & 2       Days 3 & 4    Days 5 & 6    Day 7 Onwards
250ml      1 drop               1 drop             2 drops          3 drops
500ml      1 drop               2 drops          2 drops          3 drops
1 litre        2 drops            3 drops          4 drops          6 drops 

Other Water: Remove all other drinking water.

Water Quality: If water contains impurities or chlorine, double Cell-Pet® drops to purify water. Ideally, mix appropriate Cell-Pet drops in water and let it stand overnight (or a few hours). Then, add same number of Cell-Pet® drops to water, and give it to your Pet.

Maintenance Application: When your Pet is very healthy, Cell-Pet® can be gradually reduced to the level as per Days 3 & 4. Never reduce below this level.

Undrunk Water:Each morning, discard any remaining undrunk water and make a new mixture for your Pet.

For animal use only. Keep bottle away from children. Avoid contact with natural organic and petroleum based materials (e.g. silk, cotton, linen, wool).

Contains enzymes that may break down these organic materials. Keep away from cellphone, computer, refrigerator, microwave oven, and any electrical appliance emitting electromagnetic current that may reduce its potency.

Cell-Pet® is manufactured by Nu Science Corp. U.S.A. in an F.D.A. licensed laboratory, and is based on the same technologies as Cellfood, the nutritional supplement (for humans). 

Is Cell-Pet® A Medicine

Cell-Pet® is not a medicine. As a nutritional supplement, it provides your Pet with a constant stream of essential building blocks (e.g. oxygen, minerals, etc.) so that its systems can optimally carry out their functions of energising, cleansing, building, balancing and protecting living tissue every day.

Disease Conditions: If your Pet suddenly shows signs of getting sick, double existing number of drops of Cell-Pet® being added to its water at the time, to boost your Pets ability to resist disease. Alternatively, syringe mixture of 4 drops of Cell-Pet® to 20 ml distilled water directly into your Pets mouth twice daily.

An animal cannot overdose on Cell-Pet®. Its bodily systems will simply eliminate any unused excess.

Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd and Nu Science Corporation USA make no medical claims or otherwise for the treatment, prevention, cure or mitigation of disease. If your Pet has a medical condition, we recommend you consult a Veterinarian. 

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