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Manufacturers Certificates
Nu Science Corp

Celfood Distributor Certificate 

Celfood  Free Sale / Export  Certificate 

Celfood Manufacturer Certificate 

Nu Science UL GMP Certificate exp
December 2025

Cellfood Skincare

Celfood Skincare Distributor Certificate  July 2024

Celfood Skincare Free Sale Certificate July 2024

Celfood Skincare Manufacturing Certificate July 2024

Nu Science UL GMP Certificate exp
December 2025

Animal Product Registration Certificates

Cell-Pet Registration Certificate 2023

Cell-Pet Free Sale Certificate

Cell-Pet Pet Food Production License

Cell-Vet Registration Certificate 2025

Cell-Vet  Free Sale / Export  Certificate 2022

Halaal Certification

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USA Cellfood manufacturers
Halaal certificate

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