Personal Experiences


More and more amateur and professional sports people are making use of Cellfood and SWITCH (Now known as Cellfood Sport) to reach their competitive optimal performance.

Some top sports people, who have been using Cellfood on a regular basis, achieving great results, and breaking records have given us permission to mention them by name:- Daniel Radebe: 1999 - fastest RSA short distance marathon runner. During 1999, Daniel represented South Africa in Australia and Germany. Upon his return, he excitedly told us how Cellfood had helped him to win many marathons.

Gareth Tennant: 1999 - Professional lifesaver. In 1999, he paddle skied alone from Durban to Cape Town to raise funds for shark victims. He reported in the media that without Cellfood he would not have completed the gruelling trip. Cellfood also helped him to recover quickly at every stage of his incredible journey. He did completed the 1,650 km journey in 47 days, and has applied to the Guinness Book of Records for an entry.

Louwrens Rosslee: 2001 - No. 1 RSA body-builder and power-lifter, who received a special award from President Mandela. On Cellfood, he is power-lifting more weight than ever before. At the 2001 World Power-lifting Competition, Louwrens ranked in the world Top Ten Power-lifters. He broke the records of both South Africa and the whole of Africa.

Grenville Scullard: RSA fastest track cyclist, who had 3 National records when he started taking Cellfood. Shortly thereafter, he broke his own 3 National records, and broke another 3 National records. In September 1999, Grenville represented RSA in Europe, and broke the 1,000 metre world record, which stood at 1,075 minutes. Grenville won the event in 1,073 minutes. Grenville says that Cellfood has, without a doubt, helped him enormously. "I am a Cellfood® fanatic and I know that the product has been instrumental in my success". During 2003 RSA Provincial and National Track Cycling Championships, Grenville won an amazing total of 10 GOLD MEDALS. His wife, Diane, was the next highest champion with 5 GOLD MEDALS and 2 Silver Medals.

Present Champions

Alex Harris : Mountaineering

Alex Harris is an athlete whose interests are varied and unique. He has been climbing mountains for two decades and has led more than 20 expeditions to some of the furthest corners of the planet. In 1996, Alex resigned from a career in sales and followed his passion for exploration. Within the year he led his first expedition to Mount Everest. He has climbed the seven summits, the highest mountains on all seven continents, and has led expeditions to both the north and the south side of Everest. He is also a multiple South African Track cycling champion and in 2006 won a silver medal at the World Masters Track cycling champs.

On the 17th of January 2008, Alex became the first South African to walk unsupported to the South Pole, a journey that took 65 days and covered almost 1200km. Alex still has all his toes! Just ...

This is the interesting introduction to extreme sportsman, and Cellfood user, Alex Harris.

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Sibusiso Vilane: Mountaineering 

The first Black person to successfully summit Everest from both sides

My aspiration is to be a Mentor, Leader and Adventurer.

In January 2008 Sibusiso and Alex Harris became the first South Africans (Sibusiso being the first Black person) to walk to the South Pole, unsupported – another remarkable achievement which won the duo the inaugural Solomon’s Adventurer of the Year, 2008

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Goldy Fuchs : Para-cycling

Goldy is a para-cyclist, currently part of the SA Para-cycling Team and has participated in many local and overseas events since 2012 where he has done exceptionally well with a number of wins to his name.

He was the T2 Para-cycling Road Race Champion in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and again in 2015.

We are proud to support his cycling in sponsoring him with Cellfood and Cellfood Sport which he says helps him towards his goal of winning a medal or two in the upcoming World Cups!

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Ashleigh Moolman Pasio : Cycling

African Road Cycling Champion
South African Road Cycling Champion
2012 Cape Argus winner
Currently ranked 18th in the World

My goal is to become one of the best women cyclists in the world and the first African cyclist to win a medal at the Olympic Games and World Championships.

I am a passionate promoter of women’s cycling in a totally testosterone-driven sport.
I started cycling in 2008 while studying Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University. It was through my husband Carl Pasio; that I discovered a love for endurance sport. I have always enjoyed sport, but had only ever dabbled in team sports at school. It was Carl who introduced me to a life of competitive endurance sports. First I tried out triathlon and duathlon, but after struggling with running induced injuries, I decided to focus on cycling, a decision I will never regret!

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Edward Greene : Cycling


Below is my testimonial 2014:

I am a France-based South African cyclist who has represented South Africa at World Student Games and became a South African National Student Champion in 2011.

Ask any elite athlete and they will tell you health is the basis for high performance. A healthy, energized body forms the foundation for effective training and is the key to attaining peak performance. I believe in doing the basics right: adequate sleep, good diet and good supplements. Cellfood is a supplement I first adopted when I contracted glandular fever in 2010. Cellfood helped me rebuild and keep my immune system strong as I made the transition back into training and since then I have never looked back. I still use it today to ensure I remain healthy and strong so I can train and compete on a high level. During competition, I also use Cellfood Sport to boost my performance. The combination of Cellfood supplements keeps me highly energised and I am able to push even harder in training and racing to achieve better results. In elite sport where it is all about the sum of marginal gains, Cellfood is a fundamental part of my daily routine and preparation. With Cellfood I have just achieved my best season to date with twelve top ten places including three victories in races throughout France.


Bongani Bashe : Running

Comrades Marathon 2014

Good Day Fiona

Comrades is always a very tough event. "Hard is what makes it Great." And only well prepared Athletes will overcome the Gruelling 89,28km distance from Peitermaritzburg to Durban.

Tel: 041 391 2758

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Valery de Falbaire, Mauritian : Triathlete/Swimming

Virginia Chung who distributes Cellfood in Mauritius and Cellfood are a great support for me, and I will never be able to thank Cellfood enough.

My last major competition was held on from the 5 to the 8 May, Mauritius swimming national champs and qualification for the Indian Ocean Island Games. As you know I'm a triathlete, but swimming is my best leg, and I want to take some medals at the Island Games wich is the biggest event for my country. Triathlon is not yet in the Island Games.

An update for 2014 on my testimonial as I'm still using Cellfood.

I'm currently the Young Ambassador of Mauritius for Sports and will be part of the delegation in Nanjing for the Youth Olympic Games in August! I've also just finished second in the 3km Fina International Open Water Swimming Championships (Mauritius).

On the sport side, my main goal now will be Iron Man Malaysia in September 2015, and I'm also training for a complete different sport (Beach Volley).



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Grenville Scullard : Cycling

Masters World Champion and world record holder. Grenville has been using Cellfood for 3 years and recommends it to all endurance athletes wanting an increase in performance by optimising their oxygen intake.

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Lifestyle Cycling Club

A few of the riders from the Lifestyle Cycling Club, part of the same club that our other sports stars Grenville Scullard, Di Scullard and Alex Harris, belong to

Di Scullard sent in the following feedback for us regarding the event:

Hi Paul

Thank you for the shirts and water bottles for the 6 man team of young riders, they were very appreciative. They are racing at the track on a regular basis now as they cannot afford to get to all the road races and are doing quite well. The track racing is keeping them race fit and teaching them riding skills at the same time.

Diane Scullard

Tel: 082 954 3484

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Robin Möhr : Body surfing

Cellfood for thought.

36 feet of seething, foaming water closed in on me! I was positioned at the exact spot this monster's long journey across the ocean would end! How the meeting would go down, depended entirely upon adequate preparation. In these situations, my only defence is precise and powerful response as I call on my body to provide every ounce of energy possible. Failure of any kind would prove disastrous.

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Johann Cloete Four Great Cellfood Products : Running

I was introduced to Cellfood Sport five years ago by my mother, who takes interest in my sporting hobbies and who had seen the product on a Dis-Chem shelf, having been curious about its possible impact on her athlete son. Because of my skeptical nature, I only used it intermittently before some races when I remembered to take it. I didn't experience any changes, probably because I normally took it more than two hours before the race started.

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Rudi King : Running

Mariette het laas jaar Desember die Cellfood aan my voorgestel en verduidelik en ek het dit toe begin gebruik. Ek gebruik die "normale" of "elke dag" een daagliks en dan die "sport" soos wanneer ek hardloop. Ek het nie jare se resultate om dit te vergelyk nie, maar voel tog beter vandat ek dit gebruik. Ek reis ook nogals baie vir werk en wanneer ek twee weke oorsee is met baie vlugte, word ek gereeld siek met een of ander kiem of sommer net omdat ek moeg is en my stelsel bietjie af is. Wanneer ek nou reis, maak ek seker om Cellfood in die oggend en aand te neem en ek het nog nie weer 'n erge griep of verkoue gehad nie!

Ek sal dit aan enige iemand aanbeveel en bly 'n getroue ondersteuner!
Rudi King

Rudi King Email:

Janeane Potgieter : Running

I have only been running for 3.5 years. In the beginning I really struggled. I work at Unitas hospital as a night duty radiographer, which means that I sleep extremely irregular hours and sometimes not at all. It also means that I am exposed to a whole lot more germs and sick people than normal runners. And to top it off I have a 2yr old in creche as well.

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Conrad Watt : Running July 2015

Chasing a dream consists of many things. Many things have to go your way and then you need things you can trust to work in order to achieve that. This year my dream was to get a Comrades silver medal. It was my 5th Comrades and I was ready to chase it.

Well that dream started for me in 2013, after running another (what I thought) average Comrades I decided that I needed to change a few things and to check my nutrition. Luckily that year Mariette introduced me to Cellfood. What I thought was just another supplement turned out to be my best training tool (just after my watch and shoes of course). I could feel a change in my vitality and my health was, and still is, in great shape. And when your health is in great shape it means more time on the road and great long training runs!

So in 2014 after Mariette heard I was running WASHIE 100 miler she jumped on the wagon and got me the Cellfood Sport as well. The Cellfood Sport I would mix with my energy drinks and water while running which sped up my recovery time.

So after a great Comrades 2014 and WASHIE I would never start my Comrades 2015 training without my Cellfood. With no sickness and great vitality I managed to run a sub 3 marathon in February. And in April with the big training month for Comrades, Mariette introduced me to Cellfood Longevity. The Longevity reduced my recovery time even more and my health was put to the test. But on 31 May I was in great shape and managed to run my best Comrades time of 7h29min and got my 1st silver Comrades medal.

Cellfood is a great product and as it is one of my most important supplements, and I would recommend it to any one who wants to improve their quality of life and health

Conrad Watt

* Personal bests:
4km:                       14min 15sec
8km:                       30min 58sec
Half marathon:     1h 26min
Marathon:              3h13min
50km:                     h08min

William James - Follows In Late Father's Footsteps : Cycling

We at Oxygen For Life SA (Pty) Ltd are proud to be associated with William James. William is a South African Licenced rider which allows him to compete, not only in all organised events, but also in all SA sanctioned events together with national events which produce a national seeding status. This places him in the category whereby dope testing is randomly conducted at certain events on randomly selected riders.

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Gordon M Gilbert : Football / Cycling

My name is Gordon Gilbert. I am a professional football player and I have used the Cell food products for the last few months.
From day one, I felt more healthy in general. I testify that my energy and recovery on the field during matches and training have definitely improved. My power in the gym has also increased dramatically.

Being an elite athlete, I feel the Oxygen for life SA products have boosted me to have that vital edge.

It’s the most natural product to use to give you as an athlete a fair advantage.

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Maureen Lowery : Cycling

Just to let you know that I finished the 94.7 race!
It was an extreme race! The heat & rolling hills, no flat surface riding. The guys measured 43 deg hottest & 31 deg coolest on their heart rate monitors. The garmin said we did 1,194 m ascent.
I did it in 6hrs 13min & some secs. I will never again do it on my mountain bike!
It was far more extreme than I anticipated. Thank goodness for Cellfood. I have converted my cycling son to Cellfood as well. He came from Cape Town to ride with me & I did his water bottle for him. He was very impressed with how he felt on the Cellfood. He runs & cycles just about all the races in & around Cape Town.
You will find the race results on Racetec & the photos on
Thank you very much for the Cellfood & Cellfood sport this is what helped me to do it!

Most appreciated,
Maureen Lowery
082 308-1575.
PS Dr Oxygen says:
"Congratulations, we are very proud of your achievement at 64 years of age!
Shows you, today's 60's is yesterday's 40's
Mo Lowery 
Hi there,
An update from me. I'm 67 now & still on Cellfood! Just finished my second 94.7 cycle challenge & feeling great. When I have blood taken to check my thyroid the sister always remarks on the bright red colour of my blood & I tell her it is Cellfood. I cannot go without it; I can feel when I am off it how sluggish & prone to infections I become, the minute I go back on all the ills seem to disappear. Miracle in a bottle! LOVE IT!

Cathy Colyn : Cycling - August 2016

I am a professional road cyclist, my favourite events to do are stage races and the harder the better.
When you're competing at the top level every day on every stage and you have to push your body to the absolute maximum, that is where the finer details make the biggest impact.

With Cellfood Sport and Cellfood Oxygen Mineral Supplement I know my body is getting that extra edge and is able to speed up recovery without cutting any corners.

Catherine Colyn

Rait Ratasepp : 33 year old Ultra Triathlon Estonia - October 2016

Information provided by Ivar Leiten from Estonia

This is Rait Ratasepp reference

" I have been using Cellfood drops and Cellfood Multivitamin about 1 year and have been using different amount of drops depending of how intensive is my training and which kind on training program have.

After using Cellfood products over about year know i can say that Cellfood works good for me. My body has jumped to very high intensive training and competition and Cellfood has a very big part in this.

Blood analyses shows that blood is good and body has all the minerals that it should have.

For the best result you must see all the aspects, that you are eating well and healthy, because then you can benefit the most from Cellfood. "

Rait Ratasepp

Click here to read more about Rait Ratasepp

Past Champions

Louwrens Rosslee : Power weight lifting

Ranked in the top ten Power Lifters in the world. Louwrens has used Cellfood for two years and experienced a boost in his power lifting ability.

Click here to read more about Louwrens Rosslee

Gareth Tennant : Lifesaving

1999 - Professional lifesaver. In 1999, he paddle skied alone from Durban to Cape Town to raise funds for shark victims. He reported in the media that without Cellfood he would not have completed the gruelling trip. Cellfood also helped him to recover quickly at every stage of his incredible journey. He did completed the 1,650 km journey in 47 days, and has applied to the Guinness Book of Records for an entry. 

Kristopher Matulovich : Swimming

Currently ranked number 1 in his age in South Africa for all the Freestyle, back, butterfly and 200 Individual Medley disciplines. Multi SA record holder. Having won 8 gold medals in the 2005 All Africa Games in Mauritius and 4 Gold medals at the 2005 Pan Pacific games in Melbourne. 

Theo Verster : Coach
2 Times Olympic qualifier. Held world record for 200m Butterfly and 200m Individual Medley.

Click here to read more about Theo Verster

Tadhg Slattery : Disabled Swimming

Has been to the last 4 Paralympic Games and has won a total of 2 golds and 3 silvers . He holds world records in both Long and Short course for all the breaststroke disciplines. He is ranked number one in the world for these in his category. He is also ranked in the top 3 for the 200m individual medley.

Craig Groenewald : Swimming

Craig Groenewald who has been using Cellfood, Cellfood Sport and Cellfood Longevity for a number of years now, recently won the Most Successful Male Athlete Trophy as the best overall athlete with the most points from all 818 athletes at this year's Global Games in the Czech Republic.

Our Congratulations go out to him as we are so proud of his achievements.

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