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In spite of being committed to a proper diet and training regime, a sports person sometimes does not achieve the optimum performance that he or she is capable of.

Peak performance eludes the person; and the hidden problem may be a genetic one; that is, a body metabolism that is deficient in L-Carnitine – an amino acid type substance that is produced naturally by the body, especially the liver, for transporting fatty acids* into the mitochondria of the cells, where they are burnt-up and transformed into energy. (*Fatty acids are contained in dietary fat.) 1

Linked to this genetic weakness may be another genetic inadequacy, which is - the body’s inability to take in and utilize sufficient oxygen for effective cellular respiration and the generation of cellular energy – in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP, the energy fuel of the cell). Energy generation in the body from metabolic processes requires adequate oxygen to oxidize elements such as fatty acids; and, when there is a lack of oxygen (anaerobic state) this can continuously rob the person of peak performance. 2

Therefore, assisting the body to optimize all its bodily functions (especially concerning respiration and energy-production) can be critical for peak performance.

Cellfood SPORT is an amazing product that addresses these problems of insufficient cellular aerobic respiration and lack of energy by increasing the oxygen saturation of the bloodstream, and supplementing the user with ingredients such as L-Carnitine in order to facilitate more burning-up of fats in the body, and converting it into useful energy.
Cellfood SPORT is an amazing product that addresses these problems of fat storage, insufficient cellular aerobic respiration, and lack of energy, by increasing oxygen saturation in the bloodstream, and supplementing the user with:

L-Carnitine in order to facilitate more burning-up of fats in the body, and converting this into energy; as well as Garcinia cambogia extract (Citrin K or Hydroxicitric acid) that inhibits fat storage in the body, and enhances the burning of calories. 3

L-Carnitine and Garcinia cambogia extract (Citrin K) assist natural “fat-burning” metabolic processes, and are blended with Cellfood® (the leading oxygen mineral supplement), which makes them more bio-available and effective in the body; and also supplies the body with essential metabolic enzymes for further assisting fat-burning processes, as well as cellular respiration.

When taken 20-30 minutes before exertion, Cellfood SPORT triggers off an increased energy cycle, by supplying the metabolic system with elements required to accelerate the burning-up of fats. In this way, Cellfood SPORT assists in optimizing the metabolic processes associated with increasing energy and endurance. Furthermore, the ingredients in Cellfood SPORT assist in dissipating the accumulation of lactic acid, thereby delaying the onset of fatigue, and reducing muscular cramps.

When taken shortly after exertion, Cellfood SPORT supplies the metabolic system with elements that assist in further reducing lactic acid accumulation, thereby reducing recovery time after exertion.

Because the ingredients in Cellfood SPORT come from natural sources, none of which is on the banned list of substances according to the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), Cellfood SPORT is a safe and effective product. Its ingredients work remarkably together, assisting the body in:-

decreasing fat storage, by inhibiting synthesis of fatty acids and cholesterol; and
transforming long-chain fatty acids into energy, by accelerating the transportation of fatty acids into the mitochondria (fat incinerators in the cells); thereby:

increasing the body’s metabolic action, by transforming fatty acids into energy;

improving the cardiovascular system, by: raising HDL cholesterol (protective cholesterol); lowering LDL cholesterol (damaging cholesterol); and lowering triglycerides. The heart gets two-thirds of its energy by burning fatty acids, so the ingredients in Cellfood SPORT assist the body by feeding the cardiac engine and strengthening the heart muscle; and

delaying the onset of fatigue; and reducing muscular cramps and recovery time, by decreasing lactic acid accumulation.

1 Dr. Heidrun Karlic, PhD. & Dr Alfred Lohninger, PhD., “Supplementation of L-Carnitine in Athletes: Does It Make Sense?”, Nutrition 20, 2004.
2 Rona R. Ramsay & Victor A. Zammit, “Carnitine acyltransferases and their influence on CoA pools in health and disease”, Molecular Aspects of Medicine 25, 2004.
3 Sunny E. Ohia, et al, “Safety and mechanism of appetite suppression by a novel hydroxycitric acid extract (HCA-SX)”, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 238, 2002.

Cellfood SPORT contains ingredients from natural organic sources, combining the two “fat burners” Garcinia cambogia extract (Citrin K) and L-Carnitine with Cellfood®, the leading oxygen mineral supplement. It contains no alcohol, glucose, yeast, gluten, animal products, or banned sports substances (World Anti-Doping Association – WADA); is non-addictive, non-toxic, and non-invasive.

Halaal Certification has been obtained for Cellfood SPORT.

Each 100 ml bottle contains about 900 drops of product; and each dosage of 20 drops contains:

Cellfood® 250 mg

Garcinia cambogia extract (Citrin K) 110 mg

L-Carnitine 90 mg   

Cellfood and Cellfood Sport are used by world and Olympic champions and are recommended by coaches of numerous sporting disciplines.
The Cellfood range of products provide a number of performance benefits that have been proven in clinical trials at renowned research facilities.
Some of the benefits :

• Cellfood Sport contributes to the increase of haematological variables -
thus aiding the body in the transport of oxygen through the body.

• Cellfood Sport is very effective in increasing haemoglobin saturation levels -
this leads to an increased amount of oxygen available for transport at all performance levels.

• Cellfood Sport is effective in decreasing lactate values at all levels of effort -
this would be beneficial to the athlete in delaying the onset of blood lactate accumulation,
delaying the onset of fatigue and muscle cramping.

• Cellfood Sport aided in an increase of absolute V02 max by 6.1% -
this would be beneficial to the endurance athlete by increasing the amount of oxygen
utilized the body to supply energy to the working muscles.

In addition to a

• Decrease in body endomorph component (fat component)
• Increase in lean body mass (fat free mass)
• Increase in body muscle component (mesomorph component)

The above 3 changes all aid in lowering fat percentage and increasing lean body mass (muscle). This is an important aspect in improving power to weight ratios.

• Lower sub-maximal oxygen consumption at 70% of maximum speed output
• Lower sub-maximal oxygen consumption at 80% of maximum speed output
• Lower sub-maximal heart rate at 90% of maximum speed output

The above 3 changes all aid in improving economy of movement during endurance events.
The Cellfood range of products is free of banned ingredients found on the World Anti- Doping Association's list.


Do you need to use both Cellfood and Cellfood SPORT together or if it is sufficient to just use Cellfood SPORT as a sports-person?


If you have detoxed completely on Cellfood having been on it for a while and are currently maintaining a healthy balanced diet and exercise regime, then you can use Cellfood SPORT on its own. Cellfood SPORT is a metabolic accelerator which means you should take it 50 minutes before any exercise. Cellfood SPORT contains Cellfood in it so you will still get the benefit of Cellfood as a component and in fact the Cellfood in Cellfood SPORT will act as a vehicle for the L-Carnitine and Citrin-K to be absorbed faster and therefore used immediately by the cells.


When I took your Cellfood SPORT product I found it gave me heart palpitations. What is this caused from?


I have been asked to contact you regarding the above.

As you know, Cellfood SPORT has Cellfood in it as well as the additional Citrin-K and L-Carnitine, which means there is also a healing crisis or detoxification process associated with taking Cellfood SPORT, as there is with Cellfood. We can only assume that it is partly due to this, as well as the fact that the product highlights weak areas in the body to work on these first, that might be causing your heart palpitations. In fact, it might not be a bad idea for you to have a general check up and have your heart checked and blood pressure etc to ensure that you do not have underlying condition that is causing this reaction to the product. Most people taking Cellfood SPORT report that their heart rate slows down as their metabolism is accelerated and their blood pressure is also lowered. This is what Cellfood SPORT is supposed to do. Should you experience a rise in body temperature after taking the product, merely reduce your intake of Cellfood SPORT. The rise in temperature is due to the increased burning up of calories and there are no known harmful side-effects in naturally stimulating the metabolism to accelerate in this way. Cellfood SPORT merely assists the body’s metabolic processes to perform optimally.

I therefore would recommend to anyone who does experience adverse effects when taking our products, particularly as they contain only natural organic ingredients, to simply decrease their dosage back down to as low as 1 drop a day working up slowly - every third day add another drop till you've reached the recommended dosage of 20 drops a day.

In the case, however, of your heart or blood pressure being affected, we would recommend that you then rather not take the product at all.


We received an email from a customer who wanted to know how Cellfood SPORT would work in relation to the Krebs Cycle.

The Krebs Cycle, also known as the Citric Acid Cycle, or the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle, was proposed in 1937 by Hans Krebs. His contribution ranks as one of the most important achievements of metabolic chemistry.

The Krebs Cycle accounts for the major portion of carbohydrate, fatty acid, and amino acid oxidation, and generates numerous bio-synthetic precursors. The Krebs Cycle is amphibolic, which means that it operates both catabolically and anabolically. The two major metabolic processes essential to life are: catabolism and anabolism.

Catabolism or degradation, is an energy-generating process in which nutrients and cell constituents are processed/broken-down, e.g. by biological oxidation, so that their components may be used for energy generation. In this way, Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP - the fuel used by each body cell for all its energy-consuming activities) is produced from Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP).

Anabolism or regeneration, is the energy-consuming process in which bio-molecules are synthesized from simpler components. For bodily activities, such as muscle contraction, ATP is used, and thereafter is converted into ADP, which is then later converted (by the addition of additional elements, e.g. oxygen) back into ATP to be used by the body again.

This continual interchange between anabolic and catabolic processes is assisted by ingredients in Cellfood (and Cellfood SPORT); specifically by the supplying of additional oxygen and enzymes at cellular level. One notable example concerns the oxidation of a glucose molecule. Glucose is the body's main source of energy; and when a glucose molecule is bonded with oxygen, it produces 32 molecules of ATP. However, if a glucose molecule is broken down without oxygen, it only produces 2 molecules of ATP. This explains why many people who take Cellfood (and Cellfood SPORT) report that they suddenly feel more energized. Their previous metabolic condition of producing only 2 molecules of ATP from each molecule of glucose (a non-optimal situation caused by numerous factors such as illness, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, unbalanced life-style, environmental pollution, etc.), is now optimized (by the taking of Cellfood) into a situation whereby each glucose molecule that they ingest produces 32 molecules of ATP - hence the experience of more cellular energy.

In the Krebs Cycle, there are eight essential enzymes that are required to effectively catalyze a series of organic reactions in order to generate cellular energy. Four of them are of the Dehydrogenous group of enzymes. Cellfood contains two of the Dehydrogenous group of enzymes (e.g. Succinic Dehydrogenase), used to catalyze the preparation of fat for metabolic energy. Fat and glucose are the primary fuels for cellular energy. Another of the eight enzymes, Fumarase (also an ingredient in Cellfood), catalyzes complex cellular processes, such as hydration and various hydrogen and oxygen bonding processes. (In addition to this, another metabolic enzyme, hexokinase - also an ingredient in Cellfood - further facilitates cellular respiration).

It is interesting to note that Dr Otto Warburg (a contemporary of Dr Hans Krebs) also focused on the importance of maintaining cellular respiration processes, specifically in order to prevent cancer. Furthermore, Dr Harold Urey (another contemporary) had, in 1932, discovered deuterium (a non-radio-active isotope of hydrogen), and his work was also to do with hydrogen and oxygen. When Dr Everett Storey discovered tritium (a highly radio-active isotope of hydrogen), this led to him dying from extreme exposure to radio-activity. Storey and Urey were on the USA top-secret project called the Manhattan Project. Albert Einstein, who was also part of the Manhattan Project (in the development of the atomic bomb), gave credit to Storey for his work on oxygen and hydrogen. Storey's work led to the development of the hydrogen bomb. When Storey was dying, he used the work of Urey, Krebs (and probably Warburg) to develop Cellfood in order to save himself (and others who were dying on the Manhattan Project).

Therefore, Cellfood facilitates the additional supply of oxygen and enhanced cellular respiration processes, enabling the body to detoxify toxins and acid waste (through oxidation) at an accelerated rate; and, because of additional oxygen and specific enzymes, produce an enhanced supply of energy at cellular level.

Cellfood SPORT is a formulation of Cellfood (with all its metabolic benefits), blended with two other ingredients that are specifically aimed at further enhancing the body's metabolic rate. The two ingredients are Citrin K and Carnitine, that greatly facilitate energy production and the burning of fat in the mitochondria of the cell. Citrin K, also known as Hydroxycitric Acid, inhibits the production of ATP Citrate Lyase. Citrate Lyase in the bloodstream reduces the synthesis of fat and cholesterol; and because of this reduced fat storage in various parts of the body, along with the additional supply of oxygen from Cellfood processes, fats and cholesterol are then oxidized into sources of metabolic energy. The inhibition of Citrate Lyase, enables the enzyme, Citrate Synthase to function more effectively. Citrate Synthase is one of the essential eight enzymes in the Krebs Cycle; and begins the Krebs Cycle by catalyzing various elements to yield Citrate, which itself is further converted into other elements in the cycle of energy production for the body cells.

The Krebs Cycle is also known as the Citric Acid Cycle because the cycle starts with the element Citrate in the long complex cycle of chain reactions for producing cellular energy, and then converting the by-products back into useful cellular energy.

Finally, the other additional ingredient in Cellfood SPORT is Carnitine, which increases the transportation of fat into the mitochondria of the cells, and increases intracellular oxidative processes. This also enhances the production of cellular energy.

Therefore, in summary, many of the ingredients in Cellfood greatly assist the functioning of the Krebs Cycle. The two additional ingredients in Cellfood SPORT further facilitate the functioning of the Krebs Cycle in the production of cellular energy.

I hope that this is useful in appreciating the benefits of Cellfood and Cellfood SPORT. And, of course, this also applies to Cellfood Longevity that also contains Cellfood, as well as directly supplying ATP to the system as an immediate source of cellular fuel for cellular energy production.


Does Cellfood SPORT increase the heart rate like ephydrene ?


The ingredient in Cellfood SPORT (Citrin K or Hydroxycitric Acid which is an extract of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit) may cause a sensation of palpitations but is completely different to ephydrene.

The mechanisms of the two products are completely different. Ephydrene is a performance enhancement substance that has a very serious downside which puts it on the list of banned sports substances. Hydroxycitric Acid is not a banned substance.

We have asked one of our consultant Professors for a scientific write up on the mechanisms of the two products which will give all the technical information. This report will be completed at the end of June 2007. Once we have reviewed it we will gladly send it out to the consumer. 

A long-term, double-blind research project with 45 athletes during 2000 and 2001, conducted at the University of Pretoria’s Sports Institute, compared the efficacy of Cellfood SPORT to a placebo, and reported:

- Increased oxygen intake by the body (VO2 max increased up to 6.2%);

- Increased energy delivery to working muscles (Haemoglobin oxygen saturation increased up to 9.6%); and

- Delayed onset of fatigue; and reduced muscular cramps and recovery time (Lactic acid accumulation decreased up to 17.2%). 1

VO2 max: According to the researchers, VO2 max is the most well-known measurement for oxygen intake, and is genetically determined, with exercise and diet having little influence on increasing it.

Therefore, the researchers were amazed at how Cellfood® SPORT increased VO2 max by 6.2% and reported that they had never seen this occur with any other product tested at the Institute.

Lactic Acid Accumulation: Furthermore, the 17.2% reduction in lactic acid accumulation was also considered to be very significant, and important for improving the performance of athletes, and reducing muscles cramps and recovery time.

This research showed clearly that the ingredients in Cellfood® SPORT increase the oxygen saturation in the bloodstream, resulting in significant energizing and cleansing effects, both of which are essential for improving performance and endurance, and for reducing lactic acid build-up and recovery time. (These findings are confirmed in other studies – see 2 & 3).

1 Nolte, H.W., “Efficacy of Ergogenic Aids in Endurance Athletes”, Sports Institute of the University of Pretoria, 2002.

2 Dr. Heidrun Karlic, PhD. & Dr Alfred Lohninger, PhD., “Supplementation of L-Carnitine in Athletes: Does It Make Sense?”, Nutrition 20, 2004.

3 Bernard W. Downs, et al, “Bioefficacy of a novel calcium-potassium salt of (-)-hydroxicitric acid”, Mutation Research 579, 2005.


Over a period of three years, after doing extensive trials with Cellfood and SWITCH (now branded as Cellfood SPORT) Dr Hemraj Gyaram mentioned the beneficial effects of these products in his publication, “Introduction To Diabetes” (see pages 86 to 89). Dr Gyaram is a medical doctor who specialized in diabetes in London. He now practices in his home country, Mauritius, and is the only diabetologist there, working with thousands of diabetics. Diabetes is very prevalent in Mauritius, with Dr Gyaram reporting that about 20% of the population is diabetic. Dr Gyaram has also published his book in French.

“Introduction To Diabetes” was reviewed by The South African Journal Of Natural Medicine, September 2009 edition (page 18); and Professor Jacques Rossouw (a consultant to Oxygen For Life) wrote an article on diabetes, which was published alongside the book review (page 19).
Both publications are available from: Hemco Publications, 7 Sir Virgil Naz, Rose Hill, Mauritius. Telephone: +230-464-3141. Email: hemcology@intnet.mu.

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